Another New Preview For Call of Duty: United Offensive

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TeleFragged has posted up a preview of Call of Duty: United Offensive which was based on a build they played at this years QuakeCon. Here's a snippet from this preview:
With the release of the original Call of Duty, gamers were once again immeresed deeply into the world of World War II. While many publications and gamers alike sang the praises of this game, many felt that it was to short and lacked depth. Well fear and fret no more, because the offical first expansion pack, United Offensive by Grey Matter, is nearly complete. From my brief hands on play, it's looking even better then expected. What was shown here at the vendor floor of Quakecon 2004 was the airplane bombing run mission. It's pretty straight forward. On the HUD, you are presented with a layout of the plane and the proper "o'clock" location. You basically have to run from one gunner location to the next and defend the plane from being destroyed. As your fellow airmates are killed off, you must run to replace them. It's a mad dash to defend the plane from certain doom. You have to keep key areas of the plane free from fatal damage, such as the wings, engines and cockpit.
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