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Published by killerguilder 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Well the Awakening mod have another update for us guys and here's the info: Greetings from THE AWAKENING mod ( if you dont know YET) It has ben quite a while,and we though wed bring you anohter big update,today we got a lot of nice pictures and INFO. We have gotten some nice map ideas so il just say them,MP_Sewers and a map,wich i wont tell you until net update also, let us welcome our new members! ForgetFulsoldier-Mapper Loky-Weapon skinner 9mmNL-Modeler WikWakka-Modeler And also sadly :(,we say good bye to... NIKO-Modeler Alright enough of that for now,next we have some lovely pictures of our Ware wolf arms,made by DRACON ofcourse and some wolfpics.And following those,some pictures of forgetful soldiers guns,wikwakkas UZI,and a urban/snow Skin(being made) by Target Practice! And a small peak of our were wolf model being made by SIMPLE SKINNER.And also we have our flash intro trailer completed,and we are going to host it soon,no ingame footage in there just INTRO to let you know wat the mod is about.And we are going to add (hopefuly) that one type of wolf,will have a minigun or some other type of gun on its arm,this is not 100% sure yet. Before the pictures,we ask for a bit of help..we need.. 1-2 coders 1 mapper 1 player skinner 1 voice actor or sound artist And anyone who thinks they can be useful to us!
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