Battle For Europe - Call of Duty: Campaign 6 - Sign-ups Now Open!

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[img]http://img271.echo.cx/img271/4863/bfelogo56li.gif[/img] About Battle For Europe-Call of Duty Battle for Europe is a tournament-style campaign game for Call of Duty. Unlike a clan ladder or other online tournament, Call of Duty players will participate in a simulated war, complete with commanding officers, divisions, and a grand strategy map showing the progress of the war from week to week. Think of it as a cross between a strategy board game and a first-person shooter, where you can immerse yourself in realistic WW2 environments and strategy. How BFE-Call of Duty works Players will join an army (Allied or Axis) and be assigned to one of that army's divisions. Each army will have a commanding officer whose job it is to make strategic decisions on where his divisions will fight, and twice a week the divisions will fight battles with the opposing army on maps representing the territory being fought for. The progress of the war is displayed on a strategy map where territories change color based on which army controls them. These battles are not just little one hour clan matches. They're full-fledged BATTLES, each lasting 12 hours, during which time players may come and go, so that you may play as much or as little as you please. Battle For Europe-Call of Duty has been running smooth and strong for just over 2 years now, around the same time Call of Duty hit the market, and we have grown and improved BFE-CoD a huge amount! BFE-CoD 6 Registration has just opened up last week and stays open the whole campaign except for the very last battle of the campaign. So what are you waiting for? Come and checkout BFE-CoD now! Where you will enjoy meeting new mates, have great fun and I'm sure you will want to stay a few campaigns! This current campaign uses 3 divisions a side on 3 different servers, the current divisions are; The 23rd Fighting Hellfish Division - Allies - American Weapons The 24th DAK Korps Division - Axis - German Weapons The 25th Peasants Rifle Division - Allies - Russian Weapons The 26th Heersgruppe Sud Division - Axis - German Weapons The 27th American Infantry Division - Allies - American Weapons The 28th Finnish Panssari Leijona Division - Axis - German Weapons We play Search & Destroy game type mainly and we use a lot of custom maps but don’t let that put you off! Just come and check out BFE-CoD see if you like the atmosphere and community but trust me you won’t leave in a hurry once you get started. For communications we use TS (Teamspeak) and if you think BFE-CoD sounds kool well there’s also a whole other tournaments for other games, such as: Battlefield 1942: http://bf1942.battleforeurope.com/ Day Of Defeat: http://dod.battleforeurope.com/ MyInternetServices.com has just recently purchased all of the MFOTs and MyIS will bring a whole load of new features to BFE-CoD from a new updated website to better servers with lower ping for everyone!

So go check out BFE-CoD here: http://cod.battleforeurope.com

[url=http://cod.battleforeurope.com][img]http://www.team-k4k.com/pafiledb/uploads/bfe2.gif[/img][/url] Thanks! ~ DaN

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