Battle For Europe Public Day

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As with all of their tournament updates, the Battle For Europe league has got another exciting announcement to make! This one talks about an upcoming event entirely open to the public and supported by Activision themselves. It's going to be a humongous gathering, taking place on servers in both the U.S. and Europe, so don't miss out! The battlefield calls your name, and it's up to you to respond... ;) Read the official statement below, and sign up for the twelve-hour funfest today! :thumbsup: [quote]Come join the Battle For Europe Community and Activision for the best time you’ll have all year! Write this date down: Saturday, March 11th! On this day, Battle For Europe and Activision are inviting EVERYONE to come enjoy a day of organized fun! To set this up, Activision has officially sponsored the Battle For Europe Tournament as the OFFICIAL Call of Duty 1 and 2 Tournament. They have done this because we are the LARGEST, BEST ESTABLISHED, and MOST FUN tournament around! We run our battles like this: 12 hours long and map rotations with both custom and stock maps to have you battling for territories in Europe either as the Axis or Allies. Further, we have servers based both in the United States and Europe, meaning that you’ll have a good ping no matter where you live! Also, as a new feature for this campaign, we are offering all you clans out there the opportunity to stay together! When you register, just make a reference to one of your clanmates who has registered before you, and you will be transferred to their regiment free of charge! As Microsoft says, "It’s good to play together!" So, what exactly is happening on this date? I'm glad you asked! Normally our battles are password-protected and open only to those who are currently registered with the tournament. BUT, on Saturday, March 11th, we are doing away with all of that! We want EVERYONE to come play with us! We will have our TeamSpeak server open and no passwords on our servers. This means that you can come in and join whichever team you want and participate in what we are hoping will be a record attendance day for our battles! While you are battling, we will be having our own guys doing what they do, meaning you can come join our TeamSpeak server and chat it up with them as you fight and die beside men and women, boys and girls from all over the planet! While we are doing this, however, we simply ask that you abide by one of our most important rules: We have a full rank structure running from Private up to Commander-in-Chief, and they will be actively giving out orders and assignments, calling strats, and generally leading their men in battle! If you are told by one of our officers to fall in line and attack the right flank then, by gosh, you go attack that flank! You have the lives of your fellow soldiers in your hands! We are seeking males and females from around the globe to participate in a full-on battle, and insubordination will not be looked kindly upon! Additionally, we will have a full staff complement, so you can feel free to chat it up with one or more our tournament administrators, club leaders, and tournament veterans, and possibly even some people from Activision (though we can't guarantee this; they are busy working on making CoD2 even better!). Don’t forget, too, that you can also surf our forums! Our forums are our hub, and absolutely everything you will need can be found there. We will be opening up some previously private army forums as well, so you’ll be able to browse through and see almost all of what we have to offer! Alright, last thing. If you noticed in the last paragraph, I mentioned that you’ll be able to see ALMOST all of what we have to offer. For the rest of it, including access to one of our MANY clubs and teams (such as our Advertising Team, Executive Council, New Player Assistors, and more!), we’d love for you to register and play an entire campaign with us!! Become a soldier, work your way up, and eventually command an entire army to VICTORY! Registration opens MARCH 1st, 2006, so don’t miss out!!! [url="http://www.bfecod.com/"][b]www.bfecod.com[/b][/url] [url="http://www.bfecod.com/forums"][b]www.bfecod.com/forums[/b][/url][/quote]

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