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Breaking Point COD: World At War
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We would like to announce our new WWII Tournament for the new Call Of Duty: World At War! We run an Axis vs Allied Tournament where both sides fight to control the world back in 1944. To win WWII a side must capture the 5 theaters of war:

  1. Western European Theater
  2. Eastern European Theater
  3. Italian - North African Theater
  4. India - Burmse Theater
  5. The Pacific Theater

So a player joins a side and fights for their cause in a Tour Of Duty which can last up 10 weeks.

Promotions & Awards
You rise above the ranks during a Tour Of Duty and gain promotions and awards for your actions in missions and in the community. We currently have over 100+ awards for all sorts of actions in the tournament.

Tour Of Duty 18
We started back in 2005 in the cod series and now entering our 18th Tour Of Duty! The new tour will kick off in the Pacific where the Allies led by the American 6th Marine Division Able Company will try and capture the Manchurian Territory from the Axis 7th Imperial Japanese Army Sunrise Company. The outcome of this event will be up to the players who participate in it.

We will be giving out game prizes at the end of the tour.

Mission Days
We play 5 missions a week on Thursdays & Sundays.

Our tournament is run by our community so they help direct the path of what we do. Our community is great and mature and our focus is always having fun together.

BPFILMS - Our film team which captures and makes videos about our tournament for the past 3 years. A few videos and you can download a higher quality at our site.

Thank you for reading and if any player is interested in taking part in a Tour Of Duty to come sign up. We will answer any questions or help any player at our site.

Breaking Point COD: World At War - www.bpcod.com

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