Call of Duty Is Coming to Mobile Platforms

By Digz 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

Call of Duty will be coming to our mobile devices in the near future, over the next few months there will be notices of pre-launch beta programmes for anyone who pre-registers. It is essentially a standalone mobile game that features a collection of our favourite maps like Nuketown and Crash and various game modes and weapons that we love to play and use. 

It will use maps and weapons from both Black Ops and Modern Warfare, combining the best of both to give us the ultimate experience. You're also probably wondering about the cost, it will be free! Activision Blizzard announced that it was trying to expand its reach in the mobile sphere and use it's AAA titles a lot more strategically in it's update to shareholders earlier in the year so this is something that was expected to come out from the team.

You can watch the trailer below and go to the website here to pre-register and potentially gain access to the beta.


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5 years ago

I would prefer if they had Call of Duty Online or some equivalent to consoles and PC since I am not into playing multiplayer on my phone. Then again, I guess there is already a ton of COD games on those systems and yet I still dream of having COD4 without being bloated by crappy mods nor microtransactions. Ah well.