Call Of Duty: Finest Hour Interview

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3D Avenue has released an interview with Spark Ulimited's Jeff Matsushita and Scott Langteau as they talk about Call Of Duty: Finest Hour. Here's a snippet from the interview:
2. The PC game focused around three main characters from very different backgrounds. Will the console version focus around these characters, and if not what units can players expect to play as during the single player campaign? Like the PC version, Finest Hour tells the story of World War II through the eyes of American, British, and Russian soldiers. In the console versions, however, the scope of characters is much broader. While the player will take on the more familiar roles of the American GI or British PPA Commando, we’ve also expanded the roster to include entirely new and different perspectives such as a Russian Female Sniper or an African-American Tanker from the famed 761st Battalion. Finest Hour players will have an opportunity to experience the war in ways that they never have before, and through the eyes of a greater variety of participants, both civilian and soldier.
Head to 3D Avenue to check out this interview.
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