Call of Duty: Finest Hour Interview

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FileFront has posted up an interview with Thaine Lyman, the Executive Producer for the console port, Call of Duty: Finest Hour. Here's a snippet from this interview:
Q: What did you do to bring ingenuity and originality to this newest installment of the Call of Duty series? A: Our additions to the series in Call of Duty: Finest Hour include a bigger focus on vehicles – about a third of the game’s levels are vehicle missions, including Russian T-34 and American Sherman tanks, as well as manning the mounted machine gun of a British Jeep. The player has total control of their tank, controlling the coaxial machine gun and the tank’s main cannon, as well as the ability to operate the base and turret of the tank independently. There are also three modes to control the tank – first-person (complete with a zoom) and third-person modes, as well as an unbuttoned mode, where the player can pop out of the hatch and take out targets with their own handheld weapons. Players also play as a greater variety of characters than in the original Call of Duty, from the American G.I. to more unusual roles such as a Russian female sniper, to a British PPA Commando, and an African American Tanker from the famed 761st “Black Panthers” tank batallion, and they get to know their characters in a larger sense than they have before through greater interaction with them. We also brought in the element of “combined arms” – having the infantry and armored units work together in tandem as they did in the war. For example, in Aachen, the player’s infantry squad has to work closely with the Sherman tanks and M12 artillery gun accompanying them, protecting the armor from panzerschreck-wielding German troops hidden away in areas of the city too fortified for the Shermans to take out and then relying on the Shermans and the M12 to take out several other exposed targets.
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