Call of Duty: United Offensive Multiplayer Impressions

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HomeLan Fed has posted up a Call of Duty: United Offensive Multiplayer Impressions Part 1 article which was taking from todays QuakeCon event. Here's a snippet from this new article:
The mode, as one might expect, pits your US team against the Germany Nazis and the map we got to check out was a bombed out urban location with lots of multi-leveled buildings to get good sniper locations. Perhaps the most impressive thing in the map was the presence of player controled tanks that you and your opposing team can climb into and control. Of course, you are not completely protected in your tank as the maps has some handy Panzerfausts and the new heavy rocket launcher the Panzerschreck ready to take you out. The US forces get a new Bazooka rocket launcher as well for the expansion. The map also has the ability for you to call in an artilery strike at enemy locations via your binoculars as well as smoke grenades to hide your snipers (with some realistic looking graphics for the smoke effects).
You can find out more at HomeLan Fed.
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