CoDE Interview with Heat of Battle Dev Team

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CoDE|CommandeR : To get this Interview Going, Why don't you tell us a bit about Heat of Battle? HoB| Giovanni : "No problem, if there's something I like to do it's to talk about HoB. HoB| Giovanni : Heat of Battle is a teamplay driven, objective oriented modification for Call of Duty. What we focus on is guiding players into working together as a team as much as possible. We do this with level design, objective placement, game features and game immersion. The entire point of the HoB development project was to take all of these elements and put them together to bring CoD gamers an... HoB| Giovanni : ...experience similar to that of Day of Defeat or BF1942. We all felt that CoD offered some fantastic gameplay, graphics and environment and wanted very badly to take these attributes and apply them to a teamwork based game to see how things would turn out. So far, the results have been very positive." Click HERE to view the entire interview
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