Enormous Upon the Burning Sands Update! 36 Super Hi-Quality Screenshots!

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Published by xXezekielXx 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
This one is breath-taking, folks, I'm serious! I can't say much about it; just read the following, and see the screenshots as you go! ;)
Upon the Burning Sands has kicked into first gear this past month, welcoming new mod team members, creating awesome models and textures, and most of all, going all-out on our maps! Forum article here. Get ready for a HUGE update, we have tons of news, over 35 new screens from the past few weeks -- but first, a great art/fiction collaboration from HeadUp and Randy Shughart. UtBS enters The Battle for El Alamein as the Imperial 1st and 7th Armoured Divisions battle Rommel's Afrika Korps and the Italian Littorio Divison through vicious minefields against the Rahman Track. Click here to view the screenshot! Dear Shirley, The fighting down here has been tooth and nail for some time now. The Gerries are giving us a hard time of it. They dropped mines everywhere. But we're still making progress, if slow progress. Our victory isn't in question anymore. Any attack we make is hell on our nerves. Going through those fields is like a game of chance, with your life in question. So far, mine and Reggie's luck's been holding out. I guess you've got some competition: Lady Luck's got her eye on me, it seems. Even though the Gerries are holding out, I think they're on their last legs. Each prisoner we take looks more and more tattered. They almost seem relieved at becoming prisoners. Let's hope they just decide to give up so we can all go home. Well, enough about the war for now. How are you? How's the young one? Has she said her first word yet? I wish I could be there; God knows you could use the help; I bet she's a handful. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask mother. She'll be happy to help. The company's getting ready for an assault tomorrow morning, at dawn. I love you Shirley, and I'll fight as hard as I can to get home to you as soon as possible. Love, Your Charlie You will be able to fight alongside Reggie and Charlie in the UtBS map, "The Battle for El Alamein," by Olle_se. To give you even more info, check out this entry from Reggie's journal, the loading screen for the map! Click here to view the screenshot! NEWS OK onto the news, of which there is a TON. First, we welcomed 8 new modders to our team. From the Hero's Hour modification, HH AnnoYeD and HH phantomdentist, as well as BR3NT and Marcus, who are working together on the UtBS Map "The Airstrip at Sidi Rizegh." We also welcomed [126th] Magnus, working on the newly created UtBS Map "The Port of Benghazi," one of the well-known AfterHourz modellers behind Barbarossa -- Lex, the creator of the new map "Kriegstadt," EvilHobo and the highly talented modeller, Shola. As you will see in our screens, many of the guys jumped right in with the team! In other news, PoW, creator of "The Siege of Tobruk," decided to re-do the map, in a more realistic and exciting layout based on a newly discovered rare recon photo of Tobruk, scrapping his original layout, which he didn't like. Since we were joined by our new modders, progress has been flying along, and we are still confident in a late-summer, early fall release at our current rate of progress. The current map lineup has a total of 6 maps in progress, with another 2 planned to be finished by release. Our vehicles have been getting modelled and skinned extremely quickly, and our current map texture count is over 250 original textures, not including reskins. But why just tell you about the astounding progress we have been making? Get ready for the storm -- here are the screens... MAPS [screenshots 1-25] WEAPONS, VEHICLES, AND SKINS [screenshots 26-34] Still breathing? Hope you enjoyed our update! Coming in our next update -- screens of the new maps, and progress of our current ones, as well as the Italian Beretta M34 pistol, skinned Crusader, and much more! Stay Tuned!
*GASP* :thumbsup:
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