Euro Domination CoD League

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Euro Domination is a COD league/competition brought to you by |UKY|. In Euro Domination (E-Dom) clans will sign up, then attempt to dominate Europe by attacking various other countries each having a map associated with it, for ex.. Germany - Railyard. Euro Domination is a brand new concept of ladder / league / competition, the winning clan will be the one that dominates the countries of Europe. We are talking to server companies about there being a prize up for grabs. If you are interested or have any questions about E-Dom please visit our forums and leave a post in the Euro Domination topic. Euro Domination League/Ladder Update E-Dom is almost ready to go live, so in preparation for the war in Europe, we need all clans interested in taking part to register on the Euro Domination site Firstly the clan leader should register himself then 'register new clan' please make sure you have the following information ready: 5 or more clan members. A clan website. A COD server (not hosted on a personal PC) Clan leaders will need all his rosters PB GUID's, it is his responsibility to enter this information before a member can join his clan. Please make sure you make the correct choice between, Rugular COD & Realism COD. You cannot be in both. Any problems, requests or queries the E-Dom forums are there for you. Let the battle to conquer Europe begin!!!! Another league for your pleasure!! Get signed up and have fun!! :D
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