German Front Mod Server Patch v1.01 Released!

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Published by xXezekielXx 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
The GFM team has released a rather large update concerning their latest release, the server patch for their awesome mod. Note that it is server-side, meaning that you, the clients, won't have to download or install it! Oh and see the bottom for the FN mirrors, as usual. :P
The German Front Mod team has released a new patch today. It is server-side only, so it's just for server admins who should update their servers with it! It will make the servers much stabler! No crashes anymore! This patch is not for normal mod players! (not a client file) Changelist: - ADDED Function to disable health avatar (scr_show_avatar) - FIXED 127 Boneerror with serverkick - FIXED Errors in the medic system (thx @ Zeke) - FIXED further appearing Errors during the game - TIP: To set the tank ammo, please use scr_tank_ammo!! e.g: scr_tank_ammo 12 the number must be greater than 9 and smaller than 33 Notes: - Please restart your server after you have uploaded the included files into your gfm-directory in order to run the patch - Please put a V. 1.01 mark into the server name so everybody knows that you have installed the patch - We advise you to have a look into the included config-files. Some servers had errors being caused by wrong config-files. Please update your configs if necessary to be sure that the errors are gone Mirrors Windows Version: Download: SoS Clan Download: Mirrors Linux Version: Download: Also, we are searching for new mappers who can finish some of our maps! If you are interested, please send us an e-mail and include example work and/or pictures of it in the mail; otherwise, we will delete the mail immediately. Please contact our mapper Gamalucker for this! A last thing to mention: There were dozens of mails asking for help with the installation reporting errors like too many weapons etc. that appeared when trying to play the mod. There were so many that we couldn't answer them all. The answer to your questions is very simple: You have installed the mod wrong. Please select as the installation directory the Call of Duty folder! If you want to mirror to our files do not hesitate to do it. And if you want us to link to your mirrors send us a notification e-mail to Gamalucker including links to your mirrors.
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