IGN Michael Giacchino (Sound Track composer) Interview

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Published by Pro-Filer 17 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Following yesterday's [news="6042"]announcement[/news], IGN PC interviewed Michael Giacchino, the soundtrack composer of Call of Duty.
IGNPC: What kind of research have you done for this project? Michael Giacchino: I'm a huge history buff, so I've been doing research into this area for years. The first thing I do is take the story line and find those moments they're talking about in history and start reading about it. I talk to as many people as I can. If I can find people who were there, I'll definitely talk to them. I have an uncle who was heavily involved in World War 2 so over the years I've talked to him many times. I feel like I'll be writing World War 2 music the rest of my life. But even having done so much, there's still so many more things you can learn. Every story branches off into a hundred other stories. IGNPC: That's useful for getting you in the right mindset? Michael Giacchino: Absolutely. It's totally useful for getting my brain locked in to an idea as to how to approach the writing, even if it's a discordant vein. When I recall the conversations I had with my uncle, most of the time he talked about how scared they were, how chaotic things would get and how, most of the time, they didn't even know what was going on. In a big battle it's about praying and slowly inching forward, picking out little sections of the battle that you could control yourself. You felt like everything around you was so uncontrollable. He was just grabbing at any little thing he could get to control. That franticness and uncertainty is a great way to approach this score.
Sounds awesome! To check out the full interview, click here
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