Operation Market Garden Update + 24 Screenshots!

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Published by xXezekielXx 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Yes, this is a huge one, and it's quality stuff, too! Read the following statement, and check out all twenty-four of the screenshots below! ;)
It's been nearly 61 years ago that Operation Market Garden was launched, and with that anniversary, we bring you exciting news. Over the past few weeks, we have been building heavily towards a release, and we can quite safely tell you that this fall, Operation Market Garden will invade your Call of Duty. For now, however, we will show you what you can expect in this release, in the following screenshots: GRAVE: [screenshots 1-6] HARTENSTEIN: [screenshots 7-9] SON & BREUGEL: [screenshots 10-12] JOHANNAHOEVE: [screenshots 13-17] ARNHEM: [screenshots 18-19] BEERZEL: [screenshots 20-24] Besides that, we have another exciting announcement: We will soon be looking for beta testers! To apply for a beta testing position, you must meet the following requirements: -Must be aged on or over 16 -Must have a valid installation and must be able to run COD 1.5 MP and SP -Must speak English and/or Dutch -Must be able to give feedback to the team -Must be trust-worthy and agree not to spread any buggy pre-release files (offenders will be dealt with accordingly) -Must be able to work with the team by using our forums -Testers who use ICQ or MSN Messenger or GTALK are preferred -Preferably Euro based, but U.S. based appliers shall not be discriminated Do you wish to apply for a beta testing position? Send an email to flipsen@gmail.com containing a small introduction about yourself, your computer specs., your location and personal information (for legal/copyright matters); those who will be awarded a beta testing position shall be contacted as soon as possible. P.S. We are also looking for someone who could hook the BDT up with a private, dedicated, 16-slot COD 1.5 MP server in the meantime that we could use for a small period (2 months est.) to test on; again, contact flipsen@gmail.com if you can help us with this - thanks in advance. BDT-GAMING Benelux Development Team
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