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Published by Poultry_King 16 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
I was fortunate enough to be able to interview, both ipox and dime1622; the leaders of the Price of Peace Modification. Here's how it went! recon_devil: Ok, first off, I just want to thank you for giving me some time to interview you both. dime1622: thank you, any publicity is great! ipox: We are grateful that our mod garners such interest. recon_devil: For my first question, what is the main idea/topic of the mod? ipox: We are designing what can only be described as a WW2 simulation. We will attempt to get as close to historical accuracy and realistic effects (character, map, model) as possible. We will follow stories of particular units through a series of maps in each campaign. Yes, there are more than one campaign planned, and each will be different in many ways (save realism ) from the others. dime1622: We will be implementing many new features with our mod, some of which have never been seen in a game before recon_devil: Sounds good! What made you want to develop this certain type of mod? (Why not create, for example, a present time version?) dime1622: We wanted to faithfully recreate a story from WW2. We wanted to bring impressive accuracy to the game that you don't usually see in most games. We feel that the new campaign style of gameplay will be very interesting, and will lend a totally new aspect to the game. Many people are frustrated at the current multiplayer situation in Call of Duty, and we want to make something that people want to dime1622: be impressed by and want to play again and again. ipox: World War 2 has a certain mystique (why did YOU buy Call of Duty, for example?). It's the last major war to put such a heavy reliance on Infantry and the "good guys" actually won! We are focusing on the infantryman, and how he fits in the whole scheme of things. Having tried modern combat simulations, you can probably agree that life is very cheap in them. Fair gameplay is impossible in, say, ipox: Desert Combat mod for BF1942, as the planes fly overhead and the choppers whizz by turning anyone on the ground into swiss cheese. recon_devil: Well, from the screenshots ive seen for some of the weapon renders, the omaha beach map, etc., I'm sure that it will be a mod played over and over again. recon_devil: What famous features will be included in the mod? dime1622: Many things, including new classes, new weapons, HUGE maps that have many different spawn points and levels, where several objectives will have to be completed, each completion shifting the play on the map. Think of each map as a huge tug of war battle. The classes have different abilities, ranging from better accuracy, to running faster than other classes, etc. dime1622: We will also be incorporating a floating cone of fire. This way, we will remove the crosshairs and you will have to rely on iron sights aiming, to promote realism. Since the crosshair will be moving, you will not be able to tape a crosshair on your screen. dime1622: Plus many other things recon_devil: That's probably a main feature that will be greately wanted by the playrs, is realism. recon_devil: Is the mod team still looking for team members, and if so, what categories/classes are you looking for? dime1622: We are actually pretty much full-up. We have aproximately twenty members, the only other place we are looking for anyone is in the field of coding. We only have one coder, but he's extremely good at what he does. dime1622: We are also looking for a character modeler and/or animator. recon_devil: What will be one of your largest obsticals to over come? dime1622: The source code. Infinity Ward (they admitted this themselves) that they hacked the code to pieces. It is very rough and not easily moddable. The scripting language is good enough to add new gametypes, but we have many things we are trying to accomplish that IW admitted in a meeting that we would need the source code for. dime1622: We are currently in negotiations with Activision as to the release of limited source to fill our needs. ipox: We have rather large plans. Just making one map takes a huge effort and a coordination of the entire team. We work hard, all of us. We don't take any goal lightly. If I've laid out a plan for a small detail to add, we try to include it just as we might the whole planned Campaign mode. Realism is a goal in and of itself. recon_devil: Wow, quite a feat to over come, but I'm sure, that with your team, and skills, that it will be accomplished. ipox: Thank you recon_devil: You're welcome recon_devil: This question is quite similar to one previously asked, but how does this modification differ from other WWII based mods? ipox: It is a matter of scope. I do not mean to put any other mods down. Everyone does as they plan. It is a question of planning something big and jumping (bunny hopping, even ) to get there. We have set a rather high bar for PoP. We are attempting to model the ebb and flow of battle and war at the same time. This will necessitate rewriting the game servers, ipox: not to mention some parts of the game itself. The biggest difference is exactly this model of the ebb and flow. The Campaign mode we have planned will not only allow pushing back and forth across a single map (technically speaking, we call that smaller part "Objective mode"), but will actually model the tug of war across multiple maps. ipox: Picture, if you will, a multiplayer (!!!) game where you play one map, one side wins, you play the next map, the other side wins, so they push the first winner back in a counterattack of sorts. This is our goal, and to make it work within maps and outside maps is terribly important to us, as that IS realism. ipox: dime, do you have something to add? dime1622: Not really, except to emphasize the tug-of-war campaign style of gameplay, as well as the unique classes and methods of fighting, requiring MG42s to be reloaded with ammo grabbed from storage facilities. We just don't have enough space or time here to explain everything we're trying to do. ipox: recon_devil: Great! And as for my final question, what would be a rough estimate of its first release? (this question is optional ) ipox: We currently have plans for a release "some time in February". As that is all we have stated before, we will stick with towing that line here. ipox: Expect hopefully 4 maps and as much other content as we can squeeze in. recon_devil: Fantastic! I just want to thank you again for allowing me to take up some of your time for an interview. ipox: You're welcome. Thank you for your interest! (and those of any fans we may have ) recon_devil: Good luck with the mod, and we'll be hopefully looking foward to it in February! There you have it; The Price of Peace Mod! Be sure to stop by their website and check out their forums, weapon renders, and more!
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