Weekly Poll Results - So, CoD:WaW is out, what are your thoughts?

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Published by xXezekielXx 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

So, CoD:WaW is out, what are your thoughts?

It's good game, I enjoy it a lot. 24.7% (324)

I haven't bought CoD:WaW yet. 24.1% (316)

It's ok, somethings are disapointing. 18.6% (244)

It's perfect, top of my favorites list! 17.1% (225)

It's bad, I feel like much could have been improved. 8.6% (113)

It's terrible, I can't believe I wasted my money on this. 6.7% (89)

Total: 1311
Start: 11-16-2008 11:00
Last: 11-28-2008 00:57

 #1 - Posted by: Nightmare_Mapper (Staff) on 11-16-2008 at 11:00
Send in your ideas to files@codfiles.com with the subject "Poll Idea". Include your user name so we know who to thank. :D

 #2 - Posted by: Lanf (Member) on 11-16-2008 at 12:24
Feels like a COD3/4 hybrid, and I hated COD3... I don't like a lot of things about CODWaW, especially how it handles the weapons, which feel slow, but don't recoil much, it just doesn't feel like COD2 at all... The characters in SP... you they're not rememberable, nor are the missions like previous CODs. MP maps are too big, and there seems to be waaay too many semi auto rifle users, so It doesn't feel closer quarters like other CODs. Bottom line, I feel it does things slightly differently, but poorly.

 #3 - I agree - Posted by: Fragile84 (Member) on 11-16-2008 at 12:48
I agree with that. It is a bit disappointing... Does not have the same 'bang' like Cod or UO, or Cod2....

 #4 - Posted by: Modestyiswimpy (Member) on 11-16-2008 at 13:34
Multiplayer Spawnpoints are still retarded.

 #5 - Posted by: Lord_AragornGR (Member) on 11-17-2008 at 02:33
I hate mp spawnpoints too. And the campaign is not as good as previous ones. Even cod4 has better campaign... The requirements are also very high. And I dont see the reason. The graphics suck. One last thing: the anti-piracy features are a pain in the ***. no more comments I am very dissapointed.:r:r:r PS I am starting to believe cod4 is way much(or more? sry for that!) better.

 #6 - Posted by: TheShady (Member) on 11-17-2008 at 10:06
Doesn't run fluently on my PC, even with all the settings down. :( Need to wait for a new PC...

 #7 - Posted by: xkiller_nl (Member) on 11-17-2008 at 12:33
nice game, but the campaign is as COD4 a bit short... And #5 I don't know what you're drinking but the graphics are totaly awesome here with all settings at high @ 1920x1200 Only the level where you storm the reichstag could use some improvements as the german soldier with the flamethrower kept killing me in very weird situations. and some enemy soldiers suddenly dissapear @ the FLAK 88's rest of the maps were awesome! but the music sucks big time... I like orchestral music way more in a WW2 game like in previous COD's in comparrison to this electric guitar crap... (I love rock music but not in a ww2 game ffs) And the tank campaign tank handling is simpy terrible... But for the rest the game rocks, the city maps are the best I've ever seen in a WW2 game.

 #8 - Posted by: Rogue25 (Member) on 11-17-2008 at 14:52
The game it self is sound but the spawn point issue needs to be corrected badly hopefully in the next patch it will be fixed

 #9 - Posted by: Spik3d (Member) on 11-17-2008 at 19:01
I've played every PC Call of Duty excluding World at War (haven't gotten around to buying it yet) and I don't see what's so bad about spawns. As long as you are playing on reasonably sized servers, there's no problem. Or, at least, that's the case for me.

 #10 - Posted by: Lord_AragornGR (Member) on 11-18-2008 at 04:07
@9 It doesnt matter how much players the server has. I was playing a 2v3 match with my friends, and the spawn still sucked. #7 I didnt try such a big resolution. I tried it at 1280x1024 with everything else at High (anti-aliasing 4x, anisotropic full and every other option...) But that was on Multiplayer. I didnt try Singleplayer... (I know its the same thing, but not always..)

 #11 - Posted by: MADCAR (Member) on 11-18-2008 at 04:56
I was only trying the Beta... And I have to admit: I got more times spawnkilled in CoD4 rather than in this one... Plus I don't care about the grafics... As long as my VEEEEEEEERY bad grafic card runs the game above 12 FPS on lowest (And highest) settings...

 #12 - Lord_AragornGR - Posted by: Spik3d (Member) on 11-18-2008 at 15:22
You mind elaborating? :rolleyes:

 #13 - Posted by: Grzeznik (Member) on 11-19-2008 at 14:40
Well, I loved CoD when it came out because it had a level of weapon realism none other game at that time could offer, and now with every new episode of the series this great attribute seems to be consequently going to f**k. Well, I really enjoy playing this game, but ffs, rifles having much less recoil than submachineguns are just ridiculous.

 #14 - Posted by: ljpiller (Member) on 11-19-2008 at 20:44
I feel like the graphics have gotten a lot better over the games, and there's definitely more content. However not much else has improved since the first COD. Everything is just over-dramatized, like if WW2 was made into a soap opera. The Muliplayer has always been good, even if it's extremely frustrating with everyone running around shooting like they're on speed. I can't count how many times someone will spawn behind you or I spawn in the middle of 5 enemies.

 #15 - #14 - Posted by: MADCAR (Member) on 11-20-2008 at 03:52
That's exactly for what F-F-A has the most less players on the servers wich run it!

 #16 - Posted by: thecheeseman (Member) on 11-20-2008 at 09:44
From my experience in the original CoD, UO and CoD2 (running servers) it always seemed that DM was the most played gametype. Maybe that's changed with the newer games, but I think people still like the "free for all" mentality. AragornGR:
I didnt try such a big resolution. I tried it at 1280x1024 with everything else at High (anti-aliasing 4x, anisotropic full and every other option...)
Try AA at 8x or 16x (if you computer supports it), put all of your settings on "extra" (the HIGHEST they can go) and really pull all you can out of your GFX card. That might help. Oh and try at a higher resolution too lol. :D BTW, once the mod tools come out we can FIX the bad spawn points. Just move them around a bit in the script. :P

 #17 - Posted by: Lord_AragornGR (Member) on 11-20-2008 at 13:11
thecheeseman: I will try higher AA. All settings are high. But my GFX card doesnt support any higher than 1280x1024 (I have a GeForce 8600GT) @Spik3d: It doesnt matter how many players there are in a game. Spawnpoints are messed up.... Let's hope that game patches will eventually correct that issue...

 #18 - @17 - Posted by: Spik3d (Member) on 11-20-2008 at 16:30
Alright, just saying that the spawn points are messed up isn't good enough. I said elaborate, not repeat.

 #19 - Posted by: Lord_AragornGR (Member) on 11-21-2008 at 04:29
Oh, sorry!

 #20 - Nice shooter, but... - Posted by: Bearkiller72 (Member) on 11-21-2008 at 13:48
Well, nice work, Treyarch. Nice mix of CoD:UO, MOH:A and CoD4. But nothing more. Discussed the campaign part with a colleague and we both agreed that IW makes the "their" CoD versions much more immersive, as if they were writing a movie script and then turning it into a video game, instead of making just another "out-of-the-box-shooter", like Treyarch did. I'm well aware, that creating a game is no cakewalk, but for the price tag of WaW I really expected something ... well, better! Don't get me wrong on this, I really enjoy the game, but it doesn't feel like the "real thing", not the slightest like CoD/UO/CoD2/CoD4. Well, apart from the frequent flashes of CoD4 weapon and CoD2 soldier cries "déja-vu"s, that is. Also this frakking pathos puts me off, I hate Reznov already and I've only gone thru "Seelow" with him. Guess I'm gonna turn the sound off, next time he appears. I want Cpt. Price back! 6.9/10.

 #21 - Posted by: Neutronium (Member) on 11-21-2008 at 14:12
Well said #20, agree totally. SP - enjoyed it but see as per Bearkiller's comments above. MP - meh....still hate those dogs and the battle chatter...still, I wasn't sure about CoD4 when I first played MP but I love it now. Maybe WaW will grow on me.... Overall - 7/10

 #22 - Posted by: AEvilGuy (Member) on 11-21-2008 at 17:44
Well, 1 thing ,there is now realism what so ever... Story- Russian campaign - 7/10 American Campaign- 4/10 Why the Chernov have to die, i would have preferred my racist, murderous sergeant to get killed at the end....

 #23 - Posted by: thecheeseman (Member) on 11-21-2008 at 20:37
Lol, it's kinda funny that Cpt. Price died in the first CoD, came back in CoD2, re-appeared in CoD4 (when he should've been like 80 something) and then died again. Since this one is WWII, I don't see why we couldn't have Price back again. Just another one for him to die in. :rolleyes: ~Cheesy

 #24 - Posted by: Lord_AragornGR (Member) on 11-22-2008 at 12:34
Yeah! Captain Price ftw! Oh man. I love COD too. I was too sad when that f**** german naval officer at the ship found out that we are not Germans... It was the end of a legend! Until cod2 came out!!

 #25 - Posted by: Nitronumber9 (Staff) on 11-23-2008 at 15:06
Although I haven't played Cod5 Every time I look at it, it feels like a WW2 mod for Cod4.

 #26 - Posted by: Darth_Cygnus (Member) on 11-24-2008 at 02:08
They are releasing a cod5 single player demo? I wanna give it a try but the price is not so friendly: cod4 was 44.90 euros and i've tried the demo before buy it. It was well-spend money indeed^^ But waw cost 59.90 euros! Why this cod5 cost so much when cod4 is better under every point of view? I mean, its ww2 (i love ww2 but 3 cod's for now were enough), the developer are treyarch (not IW) they did'nt even release a sp demo for waw before releasing the game... And we have to pay this more than the higly valuable cod4? I don't get it.

 #27 - Posted by: MADCAR (Member) on 11-25-2008 at 09:52
It costs that much?! :eek: I gotta buy a cracked version!

 #28 - Posted by: MADCAR (Member) on 11-25-2008 at 09:53
I mean not the original CD. But I can go to Bosnia and get it for 50 instead of 500kn!

 #29 - Posted by: pvtherman (Member) on 11-25-2008 at 22:16
i Love how the 2nd most popular option was/is "I haven't bought call of duty:waw" lol,

 #30 - Posted by: Bearkiller72 (Member) on 11-26-2008 at 06:14
@ #23 & #24: Ol' Pricey dead? Naaw, never! We never actually saw him dying in CoD1 and in CoD4 he just fainted, didn't he? ;) And perhaps his appearance in part 4 is in fact his son, which proves that Price Sr. survived the war in german captivity... Or he is the last Highlander...IW can't fool me :0)) :P

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