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What's the first thing you are going to do after installing Call of Duty World at War?

Finish Singleplayer. 64.4% (416)

Play on multiplayer and build up my stats. 13.3% (86)

Play Coop with my friends. 11.6% (75)

Stare at the main menu in awe. 10.5% (68)

Total: 645
Start: 10-26-2008 12:07
Last: 11-02-2008 08:57

 #1 - Posted by: Nightmare_Mapper (Staff) on 10-26-2008 at 12:08
This weeks' poll provided by Tiebar. Send in your ideas to files@codfiles.com with the subject "Poll Idea". Include your user name so we know who to thank. :D

 #2 - Posted by: MADCAR (Member) on 10-26-2008 at 12:26
finish single player! First solo, then with 3 more mates!

 #3 - Posted by: pvtherman (Member) on 10-26-2008 at 13:15
Attack with friends, never fight alone!

 #4 - Posted by: tiebar90 (Member) on 10-26-2008 at 14:50
oops forgot to provide my name this is my poll Lol my b.

 #5 - Posted by: tiebar90 (Member) on 10-26-2008 at 14:50
solo campaign ftw!

 #6 - Posted by: Angrybob (Staff) on 10-26-2008 at 15:59
My computer won't even come close to being able to run it, and I don't have any consoles, so I won't be getting it. But I said stare at main menu. -Angrybob

 #7 - Posted by: ACE01uk (Member) on 10-26-2008 at 16:01
WW2 Based games have had their day, too many of them and they're all the same, CoD4 FTW.

 #8 - Suggestion - Posted by: superflo (Member) on 10-27-2008 at 08:22
We should really have a shoutbox here. I love the community.

 #9 - Posted by: sketchy (Member) on 10-27-2008 at 14:36
might play it alone, but probably co-op. gonna be epic! :rock:

 #10 - Posted by: tiebar90 (Member) on 10-28-2008 at 03:30
beta releases today! random info i know BUT YESYESYEYSEYSEYSYES

 #11 - Posted by: infrequent (Member) on 10-31-2008 at 15:15
My first action would be to rage at the incompetent GUI designers.... again

 #12 - Posted by: Fragile84 (Member) on 11-01-2008 at 06:56
My first will be to close my mouth again after it fell open from pure disbelief at the RUBBISH it is... This 'call in the dogs' is absolutely insane nonsense and WILL/already does destroy the gameplay. Furthermore, this game is way too much run and gun, so nevermind picking up a bolt-action or sniper rifle, making it a very unrealistic depiction of WW2. I am deeply disappointed.

 #13 - Posted by: ButtHungryAssClown (Member) on 11-01-2008 at 12:45
after installing i will run COD5 get a crate of beer, drinking 'n stinking all night long till i finish single player :rock::beer::beer:

 #14 - @12 - Posted by: Spik3d (Member) on 11-01-2008 at 17:08
How long did you play before you got your ass kicked, ragequitted, and decided to post that? Why don't you try adapting to something new instead of being so stubborn and stuck up.

 #15 - @14 - Posted by: Fragile84 (Member) on 11-01-2008 at 17:39
I've played every PC-cod over and over again, both single and multi. I am a huge fan of cod4 and its innovative gameplay. I am just disappointed with the result of this 'bèta', just like a lot of people. BTW, i practically never get my ass kicked, and even if i would, it wouldn't change my point...

 #16 - Posted by: tiebar90 (Member) on 11-01-2008 at 20:41
the game is to much for you leave it to the real big men then THE CODWAW HAS SPOKEN

 #17 - Posted by: Fragile84 (Member) on 11-02-2008 at 03:51
Listen 'big man', I've played cod in every incarnation of it, and it is just disappointing now. No need to shout about it. Most of these kids around here only play cod since Cod4, after their dad bought them a computer.

 #18 - Posted by: tiebar90 (Member) on 11-02-2008 at 05:16
the game is to much for you leave it to the real big men then THE CODWAW HAS SPOKEN

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