WW2AA: World War 2 Airsoft Association

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Published by xXezekielXx 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
There's an awesome new worldwide organization coming about called the WW2 Airsoft Association, which helps hook up airsofters with WW2 weapons at good prices and locals to shoot away with! There's a very long and detailed statement below, so I won't bore you with my own words on the thing. :P It really is very interesting though and something I personally might like to get into, so hey, take some time and read the following from the WW2AA! ;)
Listen up, you sad excuses for soldiers! Whether you're a reenactor or a hardcore airsofter/paintballer, this WW2 Airsoft Association is for you! The idea started from a few WW2 reenactors, and when the first WW2 airsoft gun came on the market, this organization took off. It is only recently that people are actually realizing the potential of WW2 airsoft, and we need more recruits! It basically has the same principles of reenacting (having accurate kits); however, for noobies, you can join a team with modern-day kits or slapped together cheap kits from WW2 or other wars and whatnot. We have Russian reenactors in with the Americans and Japanese/Italian reenactors with the Germans. There is a guy with a Korean war impression in my squad! *Note: Axis reenactors are in no way fascist or National Socialist, and we do not tolerate discrimination. These are solely reenactments for the purpose of fun.* But, after you have been with us for a while, we expect members to get full, accurate kits, and we expect 100% authenticity. The only difference is that the reenactors use airsoft guns! And instead of having the battles being rehearesed (example: Americans won the Battle of the Bulge; therefore, in the reenactment, Americans must win the scenario), it is solely up to the skill of the team to determine the outcome of the battle. It takes teamwork and accuracy to beat the enemy. People all over the world are asking if there are WW2 airsofters in their areas. Now you can help us make this organization massive: "The more, the merrier!" Just stop by the website at www.WW2Airsoft.com. Did I say you were dismissed yet?! Stop by the message board, too, and we can help find players near your area. We have people coming in from all over the US and Canada, as well as overseas members in the UK, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Australia, etc. Keep in mind that the UK is on the verge of having airsoft gun laws. We can help find vendors that will send you disassembled kits that you can put together yourself to get around these laws. If you are unsure of where you can get cheap impressions for under $100, we can help you out! We have a long list of vendors that are itching to sell products for cheap prices. We can also tell you where you can get airsoft guns on sale! Whether you're 10 years old or 40, age is not a problem; you're welcome to join. All ages are welcome. For more information, go to the website, or e-mail me at spitfire_hydro@yahoo.com. Get 'er done, you pile of crap! Semper-Fi! Dismissed! Chris Degl'Innocenti *AKA* Spitfire740
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