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Audio CoD AgeOf War

Here we have a Audio file which is the CoD intro music. Download it now and have a listen its pretty good :)


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Audio Bug Demo

Here is a demo of a bug i need help with, it shows a bug of mine i always get when playing mp_carantan in a uo server. Can someone please he...


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Audio BFE Tactics Promo TS Recording

Ok, this is not the same as the other BFE promo. This is to let you hear our tactics for winning battles. For your convinience, I have edite...


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Audio CoD Voice Remix

Here we have a hilarious sound file from mr mighty muffin. This thing is hands down funny, if you have had a crappy day then this is the mp3...


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Audio CoD Voice Remix 2

Muffin is back again with another hilarious sound clip! This time it features Sgt.Moody and Pvt. Ender arguing and making some grunting soun...


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Audio Realistic MP44 Sounds

This audio mod is for ones, who want a realistic mp44 fire/reload sounds. Everything is in the readme file. You can watch videos, and you wi...