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All Files In Call of Duty Kar98k
Kar98k Bobby Soxs Kar98k

Here we have a great Kar98k skin which looks great ingame. Download it now and add it to your collection :)


Kar98k Realistic Kar98k Skin & Sound

Here we have a realistic Kar98k skin and sound and both look and sound great ingame. Download this great file now and add that extra bit of...


Kar98k Realistic Kar98k

Here we have the second version of the realistic Kar98k and it looks and feel great ingame. It adds a great touch to the game with its custo...


Kar98k Apocs Kar98k

Here we have a great Kar98k skin which has realistic wood and darker metal with nazi symbols on various parts of the weapon. Download it now...


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Kar98k Apoc's Realistic KAR98

A nice realistic Mauser Karabin '98 Kurz, of course, made by Apoc. :) :rock:


Kar98k Tyrant's 24k. Gold K98

If you love the look of Gold on you K98 Well this skin is just for you take look at the screenshot


Kar98k Apoc's Unique Mauser Kar98k

If you like getting skins for you weapons will this one is worth the download


Kar98k Aquai's Kar98k

Here we have my own Kar98k skin. I decided to lighten the metal rather than darken it like most of the other Kar98k skins out there. I know...


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Kar98k n00gz's Kar98k Skin

Here we have a first time skin by n00gz of the Kar98k. Download, rate, and comment now! :)


Kar98k Pane's Kar98k Skin

Another skin from SgtMaj.Pane, this time a Kar98k skin. Download it now and tell us what you think.


Kar98k Miles' Kar98k Skin

Don't ask me how he got the model source of the CoD Kar98k (see screenshot #1), but this skin is freaking awesome, as usual from Miles! En...


No Screenshot
Kar98k Polished Kar98k

A nice polished skin for the Mauser Kar98k. This skin also works with United Offensive.


Kar98k Apoc's Kar98k

YES!! Apoc is finally back to skinning!! He has been away for a while, and CoDFiles sure missed him. But now he is back in action and said h...


Kar98k Apoc's Kar98k

This is a new version to the v1. It has brand new metal, which was totally redone.


Kar98k Hector's Kar98k Skin

Woah, this "beginning" skinner named Hector has brought us a very nice Kar98k and Kar98k sniper skin with some beautiful, new wood texture...


Kar98k DF's Kar98k Skin

DF has released his third skin now, this time of the Kar98k! Check out the screenshots below, and download it now. :D


Kar98k SniperAlex's Eagle Kar98k Skin

I don't know why he calls it the "Eagle Kar98k", but no matter! It's a cool skin nonetheless and the first one for regular CoD in a lon...


Kar98k SPLinT_CeLL's Shiny New Kar

Here's a new Kar98k skin for regular CoD by SPLinT_CeLL that features new full-body wood, markings, and some modifications to the MP menu. T...


Kar98k hellfires randome kar98k

This is a randome skin for the Kar98k , don't ask just download and tell me if you like it... Which I hope you do! Have fun.


Kar98k SPLinT_CeLL's SS marked Kar98k

Here is a very nice skin for the Kar98 created by Splint_Cell. There is plenty of attention to detail here such as the numbering on the meta...


Kar98k SPLinT_CeLL's SS Marked Kar98k

With new wood and historically correct markings, this Kar98k is one of Splint_Cell's better looking skins. Check out the screen shots below.


Kar98k SPLinT_CeLL's Death Head Kar98k

This Kar98k is my best yet! Well, that's a matter of opinion, but I like it. :) And I say it's better than my last one. It features new wood...