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M1 Garand Golden M1 Garand

This is Kem2000's first skin; a golden M1 garand (no screenshot submitted).


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M1 Garand Desert Camo Garand

This is an M1Garand reskin. It is now fitted with Desert Camo.


M1 Garand Phoenix's M1Garand serial number 1.0

M1 Garand with seial number on it.


M1 Garand M1 Garand Skin

An M1 Garand skin adding a serial number


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M1 Garand Muh Fuggas M1

Here er have a great M1 grand skin which has been very nicley touched up and more detail added. This skin looks great ingame download it now...


M1 Garand Apoc's Realistic M1 Garand

And yet another great addition to the database. It's Apoc's realistic M1 Garand Skin!


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M1 Garand M1 Garand Skin

Here we have a nice little skin which adds a new wood effect to the M1 Garand and also edits the metal part of the weapon. Download it now a...


M1 Garand M1 Garand skin

Here we have a sweet looking M1 Garand which is a worthy download for your collection. A high detailed smooth looking skin, Check it out ing...


M1 Garand Winter's M1

Here is a new skin for the M1 Garand and a new sound too.


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M1 Garand Hoyas M1 Garand

Here we have a cool looking M1 Garand skin which has a new color and a serial number. A highly detail gun which looks great ingame. Give you...


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M1 Garand Apocs M1 Garand

Here we have a very nice skin by Apoc for the M1 Garand, it adds a brand new wood texutre which looks really nice ingame. Peace brothers.


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M1 Garand Darkness M1

Here we have a M1 garand skin with a blue clip which is a nice bit of eye candy. Download it now and leave your feedback :rock:


M1 Garand Capiches M1 Garand

Here we have a cool M1 Garand skin which has been made darker and a few scratches have been added to it. The resolution has been increased a...


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M1 Garand Capiche's M1 Garand V2.

This M1 Garand is very neat and cool textures :)


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M1 Garand Darkness 337 M1 Skin UO

wow, just another good sample of the infernalz work


M1 Garand Aquai's M1 Garand

Here we have my Garand skin, i retextured the wood, changed the metal tone and added a stamp onto the receiver which uses authentic details....


M1 Garand PK's Realistic M1 Garand

This is probably the first skin I'm fully proud of Here's an M1 Garand with a better looking skin, and a MUCH better look...


M1 Garand PK's Realistic M1 Garand

There were some major defects on the last one that have been fixed on this one. Reciever is darker, wood is a little darker and with a tint...


M1 Garand Cabbage's M1 Garand Skin

This is a new, better skin for the M1 Garand, which includes new wood textures and a darker receiver. He's announced that this is his last...


M1 Garand Cabbage's M1 Garand Skin

Here's another nice, original skin from Cabbage of the M1 Garand. He says it's for UO, but it'll work in either COD or UO. :P Check out...


M1 Garand Border's Garand Mod

Here's the next version of Border's Garand skin, which now features a slightly modified body and a new serial stamp on the receiver. He'...


M1 Garand Cabbage's M1 Garand Skin

Cabbage has returned with the newest of his skins, a remake of the M1 Garand. It's got some great new wood tones to it, so have a 'looksi...


M1 Garand SPLinT_CeLL's m1garand skin

makes the m1 more realistic with a serial no. and a new clip i think its the best one yet.i do have a real m1 and im hoping to make another...