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Mapping CoD Mapping Tools for Windows 98 and ME

Matt Buck sent this in to us 2 weeks ago but I didn´t get to post it earlier till today. Anyway this supposedly is the version of the CoD M...


Mapping COD Radiant

Yes! it's here the mapping tool for COD. Download this utility and start creating great work for us at :D Enjoy


Mapping Single-Player Tutorials

Here's a nice set of tutorials by VT_Ownage for CoD and CoD2 single-player mappers (and the mapping hopefuls :) ). Topics include AI Movem...


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Mapping Map Compile and pk3 Tutorial

Here's a nice new tutorial that should help you prepare your map for release if you're having any trouble. It covers everything from compi...


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Mapping Your First RooM: Introduction on creating it

Your First RooM: Inroduction to Building with Brushes. This tutorial assumes that you have no knowledge of mapping, or no knowledge of us...


Mapping Teddy Model

You've seen this on the PotD's many times. You've also seen this as the subject of polls. Now it's here and ready for your use in Call of Du...


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