Call of Duty

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Neverland Final Pharao_FS 1.75MB 38,048
Mp PanzerBunker PanZerschreck 775KB 27,812
Valley Of Kings Guest 4.43MB 18,383
Eisberg Fangio 745KB 28,242
Fenneks [FnX] Dagger 894KB 11,326
Field [VS-UK]LCpl.PHATandy[12B] 1.12MB 12,890
Valley Of Kings Guest 6.95MB 17,407
West Wall Heiko ´sm0k3r` Dreyer 1.96MB 7,461
V2 -=|TFO|=- Kilroy 4.2MB 4,813
MOH stalingrad .L]&[L.turpent1ne 5.86MB 33,978
Farm clanharris_GJH 1.19MB 22,128
The Wreckage Zone VilePickle 1.16MB 3,932
Berlin (Beta) |OCG|=gLiTcH= 2.38MB 34,185
Speedball Jugement Dernier 1.08MB 10,598
Outlaws SFrance $Outlaw$-slime 2.76MB 9,219
The Wreckage Zone VilePickle 1.74MB 2,273
V2 for CoD Final -=|TFO|=- Kilroy 4.22MB 12,003
Falaise Village Final Colpe 3.43MB 31,934
The Wreckage Zone VilePickle 1.74MB 9,078
Bootcamp map Guest 840KB 15,963
Mittenwald map Pharao_FS 8.83MB 29,175
Training Ground nash 912KB 6,432
Crypt Guest 1.79MB 6,835
Rifle Range [FA] Style [FA] Clan 390KB 6,190
Vampiric3 VikingWiedel 3.4MB 6,258
[LEH] Bridge [LEH]-Tank 36KB 3,485
Mohsh Berlin |OCG|=gLiTcH= 2.88MB 4,753
HoB Border Town Mike 2.49MB 5,640
GTB nash 2.74MB 4,931
JM Plazma Plazmeh 466KB 3,257
Muerenville S.P.Q.R. 2.04MB 5,633
Rifle Range Bodger2 and Bdbodger 1.46MB 4,246
Rifle Range Bodger2 and Bdbodger 1.46MB 5,125
Rifle Range Bodger2 and Bdbodger 1.45MB 19,670
Nuenen MBen 1.29MB 352
Kwalajein Guest 36.89MB 1,083
Cell Block Guest 24.54MB 185
BraX's DooM DM Guest 5.35MB 781
house2 Guest 492KB 194
NM_Dual_2 Guest 4.02MB 384
Castle Litice Guest 1.3MB 355
NM_Sky Guest 424KB 374
NM_Jungle_3 Guest 16.47MB 506
az_ice Guest 893KB 140
az_firefight Guest 1.29MB 35
az_firefight Guest 1.25MB 331
Bolonga Guest 3.87MB 629
point_duhoc Guest 636KB 134
gsm_cod_dm_maps Guest 2.02MB 491
gsm_snipers_mappack Guest 3.97MB 667