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Maps Vampiric3

Here is a great map for Call of Duty. It is exceptionally well built, with great spots for nice close combat to take place. The lighting is...


Maps [LEH] Bridge

This appears to be a clan map. Anyway, this is a very small map with a bridge.


Maps Mohsh Berlin

Here we have another great map by Glitch! But this time its a custom map for the mod CNQ which you can get [url=


Maps HoB Border Town

Here we have a map for Heat of Battle, and it includes 4 captuarable points. The map consists of a field and town with a ditch with bridges...


Maps GTB

I havent looked at it yet, so ya'll tell me what u think.


Maps JM Plazma

There has been a new jump map added to the site, jm_plazma. Made by Plazma, the map contains many types of jumps - great map for practicing...


Maps Muerenville

Change point Add some models in Axis side. Add new route in Axis side. Change spawn point. Change bombzone_A. Change garage position....


Maps Rifle Range

Here we have an insanely cool map by what seems to be some new authors on the scene, Bodger2 and Bdbodger. I'm totally serious... this map...


Maps Rifle Range

Here's the second installment of the awesome Rifle Range map by Bodger2 and Bdbodger. I'm not quite sure what it fixes, but go give it a do...


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Maps Rifle Range

Here's another update to the awesome rifle training map by Bodger2 and Bdbodger. Check out the screenshots below to see what it's all abo...


Maps Nuenen

Nuenen is a small multi player map for Call of Duty 1. It's based off a small rural town. It has many alley ways, a church, farms, etc. A g...


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Maps Evreux

Evreux Installation: extract the PK3 using WINZIP, or WINRAR into your Call of Dut...


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Maps Medow Hall 2

This map called Medow Hall 2 for Call of Duty. Place it in your Main folder.


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Maps Island Of Hill V. 0.40

Island Of Hill V. 0.40


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Maps b1ind34s CoD Map Pack

A 6 Pack of Maps


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Maps Stanjel BFE

This is a version of the map mp_stanjel edited for BFE to have British instead of Russian.


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Maps mp_siege

Custom Map for Call of Duty


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Maps rev_trainingendsnow.pk3

Map for Call of Duty Revolt Mod


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Maps rev_trainingendsnow1.1.pk3

Call of Duty Map for Revolt Mod - V1.1


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Maps mp_trainingendsnow

This is a Call of Duty custom map


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Maps FU_TalibanHunter

gametype: tdm, dm, bel. First map release by Fusion Clan since its expansion from avp2 to the cod community.


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Maps MP Ranville

Small Normandy Village backs on to Bocage and Brecourt Style country side.