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All Files In Call of Duty Mini-Mods
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Mini-Mods PRM Realsim Mod

This mod was started by me, PoolMaster, and was mainly designed for use on the CoD Server when it come's up. This mod has been ma...


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Mini-Mods GraveyYard Disciple Realism

Here we have a realism mod for the hardcore gamers out there! This is a server side realism. Clients need not download this file...


Mini-Mods Mc Blood FX Mod

Here we have the second version of the amazing blood mod made by Chris P. Added: -Chunks of 'meat' are now on the ground as well...


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Mini-Mods Muzzle Flash Mod

Here's a Call of Duty version of the mod that was available for America's Army. It (obviously) changes the color of your muzzle flash. Th...


Mini-Mods 22nd Inf Mod

Here we have a mod for sp and mp made by Firestarter. Its called the 22nd Inf Mod and it has some very cool major changes from Hurtgen ( lis...


Mini-Mods Deaths Head Mod

This mod is a combo action deal that combines of Saint Anger's Tracers, Cleaner's Red Dot crosshair and the deadly weapons mod which makes...


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Mini-Mods Cs42886's Blood Mod

This blood patch makes the blood look alot more realistic. It also makes the blood smaller, but more visible. A great mod...


Mini-Mods ZZZ Scorpios CTF Gamemode

Here we have a mod that adds the gametype CTF. Check the read me below to find out more :)


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Mini-Mods Team Mod

This mod will make you be American or German on every map like mohaa enjoy...


Mini-Mods Mc Blood Fx Mod

Here we have a great blood mod that adds the extra bit of realism to the game. Download it and try for yourself.


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Mini-Mods Reinforced Search and Destroy

A S&D Modification. Read below for details :)


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Mini-Mods Fubah Tombstones

This mod changes the look of the Dawnville tombstones.


Mini-Mods Mc Blood FX Mod

A third version Chris P.'s Mc Blood FX mod. Some of the changes (as stated in the Readme file) include: -Enhanced blood "puff" effe...


Mini-Mods Fubah's Swastika Avatar

The multiplayer swastika avatar mod from Medal of Honor has been adapted by Fubah for CoD. Enjoy!


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Mini-Mods WQ CTF Mod

Here we have the second version of a mod called WQ CTF. This mod adds a gametype called Capture The Flag which is a great gametype. download...


Mini-Mods Fubah Tombstone Add-On

Here's an add-on to the tombstone mod for Dawnville. Includes more modded tombstones and a panzer box. Enjoy!


Mini-Mods CoD Splash Screen

Here's a nice little mod for the CoD splash screen. Download it now and try it out!


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Mini-Mods Reinforced Search & Destroy

Here's an updated version of Boco's RSD mod. Includes plenty of new changes. Download it now and see for yourself!


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Mini-Mods Reinforced Search & Destroy

Here's another updated version of Boco's RSD mod for S&D. Download it now and check it out!


Mini-Mods Capture And Hold Gametype

CAH is a two team (axis and allies) game where the objective of the game is to capture and control all control points (CP) on the...


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Mini-Mods Spiers Realism Mod

Here we have a mini mod which works only in sp. It changes the sp game to be more realistic and life like. Check out the read me for full de...


Mini-Mods Chacho's Kar98 Rifle Skin and Sound

This skin of the Kar98 was made for a more realistic look.


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Mini-Mods Reinforced Search And Destroy

Here we have a search and destroy mod which is great fun to play. Check out the read me below for all the relivent details.


Mini-Mods Ecstasy Clan Pack

This file is targeted toward a clan, but its still pretty cool! Includes: ecstasy_swedes_clan_mod_1.0.pk3 1. new german skin 2...