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All Files In Call of Duty Mini-Mods
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Mini-Mods Server Rifle Mini-Mod

Here's an easy, quick mini-mod for servers that removes all guns except for rifles. Download it now and try it out!


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Mini-Mods Menu Mod

Here we have a little mod which changes some of the buttons on the menu to have these: Find Player Button: On the Join Server men...


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Mini-Mods Sitting Ducks

Here we have a little mod which enables you to have upto 10 bots that can be used as target practice. This has only been tested in DM and is...


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Mini-Mods Realistic Loadout

This mod changes which weapons you start out with for the British, Russian, and American Campaigns. Basically you will get a more realistic...


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Mini-Mods NastyJim's Custom Mod

Here we have a great mod which changes quite abit it both mp and sp. Check out all the details on what to expect below: This mod c...


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Mini-Mods NastyJim's Custom Mod v1.2

This is the new version of Nasty Jim's Custom Mod. Check the readme for updates.


Mini-Mods Rampage Mod

Here we have a crazy little mod which makes the Thompson SMG shoot rockets instead of bullets! The gun has been renamed to " Rampage Gun "...


Mini-Mods Gameplay Improvement Mod

Here we have a mod which is aimed to impove your gameplay experiance by enhancing the visual and audio effects. The gun skins, firing sounds...


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Mini-Mods Aquai's Gameplay Improvement Mod

Basically this mod aims to enhance the visual and audio effects of CoD. All the ingame gun skins, changed most of the firing noises and relo...


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Mini-Mods PRM Realism Ver 4.0

The long-awaited PRM realism version 4.0 is now here. Most of you know what it does, but if not, check out the Read Me, or join a PRM server...


Mini-Mods Gameplay Improvement Mod

Well, this is my mod, so i don't really know what to say. Basically it aims to improve the gameplay of the game by adding new skins and soun...


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Mini-Mods Water Explosion Sound Fix

Hey there soldiers! Here is another great mod by xXezekielXx! He always brings great goodness to the site! Download it now! See ya on th...


Mini-Mods Realistic Battlegrounds

Hey there soldiers! Yes yes, another mod, designed and produced by xXezekielXx. What a guy, he makes so many mods! This baby makes your C...


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Mini-Mods DSF Clan Mod

This is a mod which changes certain sounds and contains some edited skins. Read the readme for more details.


Mini-Mods Call of Duty: Beyond the Call of Duty v. 1.3

Damm mod these days are just getting better and better read the readme for more info


Mini-Mods Merciless v.6 Pre- Release Demo

WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.[/b...


Mini-Mods MC View Map Ingame

Ok this is something pretty neat i made for Merciless. v.6 it will help u. easy to use take alook at the screenshots


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Mini-Mods AWE 1.0 Beta (uo)

This is the first beta and it might not be stable since I've not had time for any extensive testing. Basicly it is AWE, adapted for UO....


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Mini-Mods Flamethrower & Anti-Tank Class Mod

Wow Flamethrower for Call of Duty : UO Great :)


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Mini-Mods New UO Scoring System v2

He's done it again xXezekielXx has created an another great little modfication that will allow you change the scoring system for ingame :)


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Mini-Mods AWE 1.4.4 Final

Nothing new, just re-releasing rc2 as the final version. This is the the last version of AWE for non-UO CoD. Kind of sad, but it's a good t...


Mini-Mods Infernalz Soundz + Skins

Here we have a word from Infernalz about his mod: Hi Folks, I have made a weapons soundZ scheme for the old/left out weapons. Th...


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Mini-Mods MEINTEIL BackGround

A cool little file which changes the start up screen of uo and cod, and changes it to have a fork and knife! Download this if your hungry :...


Mini-Mods Mohaa Stopwatch

Here is another mod from me Darkness337 and all it really does is place a stop watch on CallofDuty for Search and Destroy callofduty