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Mini-Mods BhMod

Just a small mod here, Hud changes, and main menu conversion. AWE V1.4.2 included.


Mini-Mods BhMod

Version 1.4 of the Bhmod, there are new Hud changes, and main menu conversions. AWE V1.4.2 included. Please Check periodically for new mo...


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Mini-Mods Cheesy's Fire Nades

Here's a little mod I made while I was bored :D Replaces the grenade explosion with something more, well, large. Enjoy.


Mini-Mods blood pools and blood effects

this is a mod that will work on SP or MP, it gives blood pools and blood effects it is from merciless so u will have merciless on SP.


Mini-Mods ammokid's Blood Mod

This is a very gory blood mod. So look at the screenshots and enjoy the mod. I created this mod just for fun so yeh :)


Mini-Mods Cold Dead Fingers

makes the model hands look dead and clamy.


Mini-Mods Ammokid's Blood Mod

Here is a gory mod that uses some blood from the game "Soldier of Fortune 2".


Mini-Mods SPLinT_CeLL's Purple Hair

this fun little mod makes cpt. foley's hair purple


Mini-Mods ammokid's Blood Mod

Here's the latest version of ammokid's blood mod for vanilla Call of Duty. The mod works in both multiplayer and single-player, but you'll n...


Mini-Mods ammokid's Extreme Blood Mod

The title says it all. Ammokid's Extreme Blood Mod. Not only does this work in SP and MP, it adds a LOAD of blood to the game. If you like l...