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All Files In Call of Duty Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Gloves Mod

This "mod" will give the player and all other characters black gloves, pretty cool! Install it by placing the user-gloves.pk3 from the zi...


Miscellaneous MOHAA StopWatch

This mod replaces the Call of Duty stopwatch with the one from MOHAA.


Miscellaneous Leather Gloves

This mod adds leather gloves onto your hands.


Miscellaneous 82nd Airborne Reskin

This is a reskin of the 82nd Allied Airborne.


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Miscellaneous FragGrenade Reskin

This is a reskin of the American fraggrenade.


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Miscellaneous Helmet Mod - Regiment Insignia

This mod alters the original helmets so that they have the 506th insignia (spades) on the sides.


Miscellaneous 4th Airborne

Changes with this mod are Cpt.Foleys face and the main US soldiers uniforms.


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Miscellaneous Multi Helmet Mod

Multi Helmet Mod This mod allows Cpt. Foley to have his own camo helmet (which has a partially covered vertical stripe + regiment insigni...


Miscellaneous Airborne reskin V2

This is a reskin of the Allied Airborne. Its kinda based on the 82nd Airborne in MoH: Frontline. Changes in v2: Changed Foley's badge to...


Miscellaneous Cpt. Foley Hair Skin

This mod makes replaces the file for Cpt. Foley's face, which had him bald, and now makes Cpt. Foley have not only hair but dark hair. If...


Miscellaneous 2nd Rangers Skins

These are skins of the 2nd Rangers for Call OF Duty Single Player Demo


Miscellaneous Cpt.Foley Skin

Replaces the original Cpt.Foley to Cpt Spiers


Miscellaneous New German Skins

Adds new German Skins to the Call Of Duty Single Player Demo


Miscellaneous MP40 Skin

Description: This is just a different skin for the Axis MP40. It isbasically a more color contrasted version of the MP40,...


Miscellaneous Band Of Brothers Startup Logo

I was bored so I decided to make a replacement for the little loading icon when you start up the game.Thought others might enjoy it..:) a...


Miscellaneous Flaks COD Crosshair

Just took the stock crosshair for Allied Assault and made it work for COD


Miscellaneous Single-Player\Multi-Player Small Non-Moving Cross-hair

This mod will change your crosshairs to a small crosshair on SP modes and get rid of the flashes on the MG42's.If you have another file for...


Miscellaneous Custom MG42 Crosshair

This is a mod which chanegs the stock crosshair for a mg42 into a really cool one! , this alos improves your shooting and aiming...


Miscellaneous FlakRiders Larger custom glass scope for CoD

Heres my custom scope for allies and axis larger than the one in game.Both server and client side unless server is not running pure


Miscellaneous Wraiths Cod Crosshairs

Here we have a great mod that changes the default crosshair to a red or blue dot depneding on which you choose. Download it now and go see w...


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Miscellaneous Multiplayer British Menu

Here's a mod by Fubah that allows the multiplayer menu to look like the single player menu from the British campaign. Enjoy!


Miscellaneous D-Day Bloody Hands

Here we have a great skin to follow up the D-Day Bloody Tommy. Its a set of hands with blood on various parts. A cool looking skin ingame do...


Miscellaneous Flakriders Binoc Optics Scope

Here we have a great scope made by Flakrider. He has changed the shape and the design of the default scope and it looks and plays great inga...


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Miscellaneous Fubah V2 Rocket

Here's a cool camouflage skin for the V2 rocket.