Call of Duty

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Tyrant's Real SMG Rates-of-Fire Tyrant's 16KB 1,571
Fusion Pack CoD Games Fusion 26.25MB 11,771
Heat of Battle Server-Side Patch (Windows) HoB Dev Team 2.09MB 2,514
Heat of Battle Server-Side Patch (Linux) Heat Of Battle Team 1.99MB 486
|ToF|Death's Rifle Only Mod Guest 126KB 10,663
EatG Super Mod xXezekielXx 49.73MB 6,325
EatG Super Mod xXezekielXx 45.72MB 1,834
CoD Realism/Intensity Enhancements Solecist 6.37MB 18,871
Real Deadly Weapons RDW Team 77KB 3,502
Silver Creek Campaign SCC Dev Team 3.98MB 1,050
Fantasy War Mod DarthDuval 6.42MB 216
Sniper Loading Window Mod marc7sp2 411KB 151
CoD:WaW: United Nazi Zombie scillman 3.62MB 2,849
ForestGreen's personal CoD file collection, Part Two: Mods ForestGreen 124.29MB 129
CoDWaW Zombie Wars CPTwesley 9.3MB 53
Band Of Brothers Conversion Double U 23.11MB 39,229
No Hud MPowell1944 2KB 1,323
No MineFields MPowell1944 1KB 876
1shot1kill MPowell1944 19KB 10,584
Melee Only MPowell1944 18KB 879
No Intro Mod EvilBoy 472B 801
Helmet Fix $p!k3 39KB 2,254
Demo starts with the BAR S.C. 3KB 1,667
No HealthPacks MPowell1944 2.98MB 583
WeaponFix $p!k3 425KB 2,076
Blood/LoadOut Mange_ 17KB 8,969
Allied > Axis Oldmanfunk 215KB 18,924
Daylight Mod Oldmanfunk 317KB 3,704
MickDude Foley MickDude 732B 910
Difficulty and Bots use grenades dombi 8KB 19,900
CoD Weapon Changer v1.1 Snake Shift 186KB 3,423
Frozen Mods Frozen_Frost 6KB 625
Mod Man 0.4 Beta Snake Shift 137KB 667
Squad Multi Helmet Mod Kelvin Lam 524KB 880
Squad and Weapon Mod MattDaProgrammer 27KB 12,910
CES Beta CES Team 10.34MB 2,716
Modman Beta5 Snake Shift 392KB 405
The Forgotten War TFW Dev Team 24.32MB 9,470
Soon U Die MOD Soon U Die 74KB 2,454
FG42 Spawn Darky 3KB 1,909
M1 Garand Start and Sound Darky 291KB 720
ModMan Mod-Switcher Snake Shift 395KB 1,930
Rifle Hell Mod Darky 603KB 642
Pool's Crosshairs PoolMaster 1KB 1,522
Pools Kar Sniper Mod (Dawnville) PoolMaster 1.6MB 1,155
Grenade Cookage TargeT 133KB 4,322
TeamSpy Demo Bloodmod Guest 120KB 1,180
Dawnville Driveable Tanks Scorpio Midget 448KB 5,191
Parachute into Burnsville! Scorpio Midget 36KB 3,274
Burnsville Driveable Tanks Scorpio Midget 13.91MB 8,622