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Mods Call of Duty:World at War No Dust & FX Mod

No dust & FX mod by Weedman.*This mod is based on the original Call of Duty 2 no dust mod, so the credits goes to...


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Mods CompetitionMod

beginnings it has gone on to become a war mod in its own right with many features added that have been requested by the CoD:WW community. It...


Mods Wunderwaffe for COD (ROCKET MG-42)

This mod replaces a few weapons,in MP, you acn only choose 1 weapon, the WUNDERWAFFE DG-2It is a MG-42, with a scope, that launches explodin...


Mods Angry Preacher's New Weapons

a scoped Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum Revolver, and 2 semi-auto sniper rifles which are Istiglal-14.5 (A very new 14.5mm sniper rifle see pictur...


Mods AK 47 MOD

Deadly by Urded. Includes AWE 2.11. For use on CoD AK47 mod, however, you may use it as well. Skins are mainly camo, along with some cool fi...


Mods WWI-Mod Version 3 Final

Flags, guns skins, player skins, compass, and even the default level shots of the CoD maps have been altered. For advice or problems, go to...


Mods Create-A-Character

This mod replaces the quickmessage menu with a Character Creation Menu where you can choose your helmet weapon and uniform. Have fun!


Mods zzzzz_30cal

This makes the alternate mode for the bar a browning 30 cal this model was made with the game but never used in the game and I made it work...


Mods Rafi's ingame RconTool

New Ingame RconTool for COD1Probably the best in game Rcon tool for COD1Features:Take a look at the Screenshots! =D


Mods BraX's Quake3 Mod

/> Support and bug reports only at


Mods Rafi's ingame RconTool V1.1 (Fixed)

RconTool usefulWebsite: www.rafi-rcontool.tkContact:


Mods SubGunners All Weapons Mod

This mod alters all the weapons and makes all weapons selectable for all nations.Weapons are deadly accurate.Read the Read-Me for full Detai...


Mods Rafi's simple ingame MOD for CoD:UO

Rafi's simple ingame MOD--> Big simple Scope--> Green crosshair--> Green Cursor--> New Scrollbar imagesThat's it :-)


Mods Rafi's simple ingame MOD for CoD:UO V1.0

imagesMore free Downloads @


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Mods =W=RIFLESSERVER clientfiles

2 files for our server for cod1Server IP: Name: =W=RIFLESAWE|XLR


Mods gsm_assualt_codsp

the weapons are changed all but a few of them are re-skinned in camo and all the tanks,kubelwagon,motorcycle and some other things are skinn...


Mods gsm_allweapons_cod_sp

pistols with smgs so you will have mgs or rifles sniper fifle and smgs.


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Mods Zombie Mod Client 2.5

Zombie Mod Client created by Brax


Mods Single Image Background Mod

their names to the main menu screen. This is also great because you do not have to line up two images to make one image, which would be a ma...


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Mods Main Music mod

This menu music mod changes the music to a more classical sort of thingIf you are interested. I have not made any mods in a while and I...


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Mods Voice mod

I made this alongside with other mods for a while so I felt like i need to share it around. I replaced some sounds and added more death soun...


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Mods Brax Zombie MoD (Edited By L4zY)

its in English.


Mods L4zY's Fogger MoD

This mod gives you the ability to add a nice fog to almost all COD standard maps.This can be done with some commands inside the Fogger.cfg b...


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Mods HeadShot Only

This mod adds the ability to change your game into a headshot madhouse.I tried, and i really did, to make it with enable/disable stuff, but...