Call of Duty

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Dirty Thugs Mods Guest 87KB 3,538
Vs-Uk Total War [VS-UK]Col.Parts[BnHQ] 1.9MB 2,164
HeadQuarters Improvement Mod Mike Cartwright 16KB 990
Mpsh Cod Realism MPSHmodz 84KB 732
Escape! Guest 25KB 4,067
Heat Of Battle Heat Of Battle Team 2.83MB 4,304
Heat of Battle HoB Dev Team 7.41MB 3,934
Heat of Battle Update HoB Dev Team 8.08MB 2,871
Rifle Platoon Guest 3.08MB 2,779
Wolfsbane's Enforcer Wolfsbane 52KB 718
Heat of Battle HoB Dev Team 8.25MB 20,607 avatar by Fubah Fubah 82KB 961
Enhanced Weapons Don "wolf" P 22KB 7,307
PRM Realism Mod v3.5 PoolMaster 4.89MB 5,756
Sturmgoat's Melee Only sturmgoat 42KB 835
HLC RCON MOD Guest 41KB 3,749
Wolfsbane's Enforcer Wolfsbane 66KB 849
Rcon Mod Simon Brown 1.88MB 7,665
Colonel Cow's Custom CoD Colonel Cow 86KB 970
Merciless Mod Merciless 19.15MB 12,728
Conquest TDM Mod innocent bystander 18KB 1,723
Shadow Shell-Shock Effects Shadow 103KB 1,710
Additional War Effects [WC-anka] Bell 71KB 3,616
Mpsh CoD Realism Cleaner 87KB 1,383
DK Realism Mod Full CoD KillerX2k 38.14MB 12,182
Colonel Cow's Custom CoD Colonel Cow 96KB 1,176
Vs-Uk Total War [VS-UK]Col.Parts[BnHQ] 2.65MB 5,997
Additional War Effects [WC-anka] Bell 73KB 6,380
Additional War Effects [WC-anka] Bell 13.85MB 2,562
Rifle Platoon Guest 134KB 1,198
Additional War Effects [WC-anka] Bell 213KB 5,707
Additional War Effects [WC-anka] Bell 215KB 6,183
Tyrant's Real Weapons v1 Tyrant's 16KB 704
Just-Mario's Realism MoD Just-Mario 52KB 646
Total War Server Side [VS-UK]Col.Parts[BnHQ] 6MB 6,377
Pistola DirtNaps 43KB 728
Realistic BattleGrounds xXezekielXx 154KB 2,852
Additional War Effects Serverside Mod Bell 1.3MB 5,110
Merciless Merciless 28.29MB 18,805
Capture The Flag Bell 17KB 2,460
Additional War Effects Guest 465KB 2,439
Quick View Map xXezekielXx 9KB 378
Capture the Flag (V1.1) Bell 18KB 2,943
AWE (1.4.3 Beta 3) Bell 1.17MB 2,724
MP Freedom Mod xXezekielXx 13.37MB 497
MP Freedom Mod xXezekielXx 8.75MB 389
MP Freedom Mod xXezekielXx 11.71MB 945
ShadowLord's Enhancement Shadow Lord 2.09MB 626
MP Freedom Mod xXezekielXx 11.72MB 2,397
Additional War Effects 1.4.4 beta 3 Bell 547KB 2,612