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Multiplayer Servers FIXED SAVE ROUTINE VER. 1.1

Neat little tool to help you set up your server.


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Multiplayer Servers Server Stats

Here we have a utility that will create a log file of scores, kills and deaths etc and then you can use this information to creat a table of...


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Multiplayer Servers HLC Rcon

Here we have Version 3 of the HLC Rcon mod. This mod is a server tool to be used by the clients with rcon pass's to help you run you server...


Multiplayer Servers Clan Balancing Utility

Here's a cool utility that forces clan members onto one team in a multiplayer server. Thanks to Synman. Enjoy!


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Multiplayer Servers Server Rules Enforcer

Here's a cool alternative to kicking those disobedient server clients...a server enforcing utility from Wolfsbane. This mod is de...


Multiplayer Servers PRM Realism Mod

Here is PoolMaster's long awaited PRM mod which has lots of new features. The new features include: 1.= Gives server admins the abil...


Multiplayer Servers Enhanced Clan Balancing Utility

This is an enhanced version of Synman's clan balancing utility. Here's a list of the new features that have been added: NEW FEAT...


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Multiplayer Servers RenPak

A simple utility for starting up Call of Duty. It'll boot up ASE or Call of Duty for server browsing and manages your custom maps (that you...


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Multiplayer Servers Rcon 4 CoD

Here's a cool VB application which allows an administrator easily control their CoD server remotely. This will only work in Windows, and yo...


Multiplayer Servers MyFavs

Here we have a program which can: 1. Show your favourite servers saved from your CoD favourites 2. Where your buddies are playing...


Multiplayer Servers SQuery Server View Tool

A standalone webpage that is also available as PHP-Nuke blocks and modules is for viewing the server status for COD, SOF2, and HALO servers.


Multiplayer Servers Combat Stats

Here we have a stats program which lets you track scores on multiplayer servers. CombatStats is a a program which reads multiplaye...


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Multiplayer Servers PHP CoD Serverspy v1.0

Well if your running a server on LAN or Internet this tool is good for you its writen in php so you may need to install php Apache for it to...


Multiplayer Servers Combat Stats

Here we have a great program which is easy to use and a worthy download for your server. CombatStats is the most powerful and cust...


Multiplayer Servers AGE ReLoader

From AVP2 to Enemy Territory, this rockin server browser is a must have for the gamer!


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Multiplayer Servers Remote Commander

Here we have a great remote server program. Heres whats in the latest version: - fixed bug, Ports between 27000 - 28960 will be...


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Multiplayer Servers Message Center

Here we have a great little utility for the servers out there. Heres some info on what it does: You can now broadcast messages to...


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Multiplayer Servers CoD Fast

This program is particularly useful to whom owes admin departed of tournaments or to manage comfortably the proper server without eve...


Multiplayer Servers X-Stats

X-Stats v0.8 is the first public release of an awesome, new stat-keeping tool for servers. Check out the screenshot to see a handful of its...


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Multiplayer Servers CoD Scrimmer

Apparently, this is a tool that enables clans to locate other clans looking to scrim. I don't have a way to test it, but if it works, this...


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Multiplayer Servers MULTI RemoteCommander

Here we have a super-useful, new program developed by Reiner Vogt. Download this crazy server manager now!


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Multiplayer Servers CoD Scrimmer

Well we just got a link to it but just run the .exe and your set. Install where you want it. Quite interesting if you can ninstall wich Im...


Multiplayer Servers ClanCon CoD and UO

Here we have an awesome, new tool for server management! Server admins, this is a must! ;) Download it and exhibit full control over all y...


Multiplayer Servers Morgane COD Runner Here's the second version (and the final version,...


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