Call of Duty
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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
FIXED SAVE ROUTINE VER. 1.1 Cobra Leader 16KB 1,611
Server Stats Guillaume LETELLIER 11KB 5,238
HLC Rcon [HOLY] Moses {GEN} 16KB 5,925
Clan Balancing Utility Guest 132KB 347
Server Rules Enforcer Wolfsbane 52KB 1,420
PRM Realism Mod PoolMaster 171KB 3,282
Enhanced Clan Balancing Utility Guest 199KB 929
RenPak Hermit 137KB 2,065
Rcon 4 CoD Simon Brown 1.65MB 35,794
MyFavs Hermit 315KB 702
SQuery Server View Tool Curtis Brown 3.74MB 5,455
Combat Stats Guest 1.15MB 1,492
PHP CoD Serverspy v1.0 Guest 190KB 1,225
Combat Stats Guest 2.4MB 4,666
AGE ReLoader Guest 2.64MB 872
Remote Commander Guest 779KB 1,858
Message Center RudeDog 177KB 2,003
CoD Fast InFerNalZ 1.08MB 1,199
X-Stats LuckyMe 37KB 1,112
CoD Scrimmer spidey 1.78MB 380
MULTI RemoteCommander Reiner Vogt 12.85MB 2,444
CoD Scrimmer spidey 1.39MB 473
ClanCon CoD and UO Richard M. Williams 1.96MB 1,488
Morgane COD Runner Morgane 1.3MB 449
Morgane COD Runner Morgane 1.55MB 219
FraXStats Sascha Rhein 647KB 737
FraXStats Sascha Rhein 55KB 716
Morgane COD Runner Morgane 2.54MB 1,374
Call of Duty Map Copying Utility Trevor The Vampire 1KB 548
DreamStats System Miguel Nunes 847KB 2,125
CoD Server CFG Creator Miguel Nunes 1.39MB 2,730
CoD Server CFG Creator Miguel Nunes 1.75MB 5,761
ClanCon CoD, UO, and CoD2 Richard M. Williams 2.29MB 2,011
CoD/UO/2 RConTool TheKiller_Dog 4.91MB 13,979
Tatakai ServerScan Andiehuk 2.92MB 1,097
swiftAID [Mobsters]Prof 68KB 382
DreamStats Miguel Nunes 1.07MB 1,000
DreamStats Miguel Nunes 1.07MB 874
Hidden Spectator YaNo 68KB 281