Call of Duty
Multiple Gametype

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Warsaw Yellow Eyes 1.63MB 3,542
Beauville IxQue 1.42MB 3,270
Super Stalingrad Sgt.ALberts 646KB 6,041
Bunker Mayhem Col. Phil Bilko 3.84MB 1,860
Offensive Old Crow 1.25MB 12,763
Valley VegaObscura 4.83MB 4,359
Snipers Graveyard FSC Ayren 6.73MB 12,017
Amazon Guest 12.02MB 14,893
Streetwar VilePickle 2.28MB 4,191
Outlaw Snowypark $Outlaw$-slime 794KB 5,231
Bunker Court nash 1.28MB 3,801
The Oase Fangio 3.64MB 8,728
The Second Coming BigBoy G 8.26MB 4,050
ShackleFord neil.campbell 7.14MB 3,444
RzGarena -=|RzG|=-SeRuM 1.42MB 2,288
Street War VilePickle 2.76MB 22,868
Nuenen [AYM} Lt Jules 1.29MB 32,954
West Wall Heiko ´sm0k3r` Dreyer 1.97MB 5,565
Vieuxville Sgt. Bastard 2.77MB 4,794
Back Alley Brawl J.Sera 1.74MB 3,899
Camelot Tiger 1.79MB 4,125
Base Guest 6.68MB 3,897
Cantral Market nash 2.58MB 10,865
Kiel {--ADIGA--} clan 7.62MB 16,872
Road Block Celle 1.77MB 4,468
Second Coming BigBoy G 10.38MB 3,212
Back Alley Brawl J.Sera 1.8MB 4,941
The Tiger's Lair RIFT 1.79MB 3,507
Mohsh Berlin |OCG|=gLiTcH= 7.21MB 10,700
Armory Dameon 5.46MB 4,676
Gun Assault After-Hourz Team 3.72MB 9,675
Bellicourt Magnus 2.71MB 12,829
Buchberg Forest |XGA|4sTaR 910KB 6,328
Univermag Drecks 5.65MB 8,816
Pergamon Museum Mr.Skillz 11.88MB 11,439
Second Coming BigBoy G 9.95MB 11,427
Townville Guest 3.37MB 4,678
Submarine Harbor VegaObscura 4.92MB 6,755
Vieuxville Sgt. Bastard 4.45MB 5,323
VS-UK St-Ettiene [VS-UK]LCpl.PHATandy[12B] 2.42MB 3,183
Viking's Revenge VikingWiedel 1.08MB 3,748
IRQ WW2 [FRU]ElimLDR 736KB 2,890
The Valley WetPaper 2.07MB 1,688
Uboot bunker Fangio 1.49MB 4,246
Arcville =ARC= T-BAG 1.44MB 7,041
Landsitz Fangio 3.66MB 9,738
Office Space Guest 2.48MB 4,604
Höllenberg Clint Farkas 4.66MB 9,715
The Valley WetPaper 2.2MB 2,620
Das Boot Tieger Sn 3.23MB 5,040