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Multiple Gametype The Valley

Here we have the final version of the great map The Valley. The map supports DM TDM BEL and HQ S&D and runs ahole lot smoother. Download it...


Multiple Gametype Das Boot

Here we have a map which has been based on a part of a movie called "Das Boot". The map supports the gametypes DM - TDM and S&D and is fun f...


Multiple Gametype Valley

Here we have a massive map which will hold upto 70 players. The map supports DM - TDM - S&D - BEL and RE all are set out fair and even which...


Multiple Gametype We Vierville

Here we have both versions of the map We Vierville. This map is a classic and is definattley worth the download. Download it now and see wha...


Multiple Gametype Arnhem

Here we have a map which is bursting with action! I dont really know what to say.. I think the screenshots say it all :rock: Download this g...


Multiple Gametype Pergamon Museum

Here we have a updated version of the classic map Pergamon Museum. The map supports DM - TDM - S&D - RE - HQ and BEL and can hold upto 64 pe...


Multiple Gametype Townville

Here we have a map which is based in a Town. The map supports every gametype and plays good team work, it also has its fast paced action spo...


Multiple Gametype Ghost Town

Here, we have a map that's based on a vacant, old-west town! Check out the screens, and download it to check it out for yourself!


Multiple Gametype Bunker Court 2

This is a close quarters map set in a bunker (duh), it's pretty cool and good for close quarters fighting, probably best with under 12 play...


Multiple Gametype Stanjel

Here we have a map which is based on the quaint village of Stanjel located in the Karst region of Slovenia. The map supports the following g...


Multiple Gametype Pestilence Final

Here we have a great map which supports many gametypes. The map is based in a village type surroundings and has many ways around to explore...


Multiple Gametype German Town

Here we have a classic map which supports the gametypes - deathmatch - teamdeathmatch - behind enemy lines - search & destroy. The map is fa...


Multiple Gametype Arkov

This is a multiple game type multiplayer map. Look at the readme for more info. :)


No Screenshot
Multiple Gametype Saint Lo

This is the Medal of Honor Saint Lo map converted for Call of Duty. Read the readme for more info. (I had to translate the readme from...


No Screenshot
Multiple Gametype Industrial Park

This is a TDM / DM / BEL map. It lis supposed to look like the developer's workplace, according to the developer. Well, start d/ling and en...


Multiple Gametype REVOLT: Infiltration Beta 4

This is a pretty cool map. Glad to see some new maps made for REVOLT seeing as though it is my favorite mod! If you do not have REVOLT yet,...


No Screenshot
Multiple Gametype Heat of Battle Map Pack

Here is the HOB map pack which contains many action packed action maps. Download it now and expand you HOB experiance


No Screenshot
Multiple Gametype Outpost

Here we have a large map which will accomidate 20+ people. The map also supports the following game types: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Behi...


No Screenshot
Multiple Gametype CHK Smallville Final

Well this map has been inproved and better gameplay heres the info


No Screenshot
Multiple Gametype Raiders of the Lost Arc

This is a multiple gametype map based on the movie "Raiders of the Lost Arc" (I think that's Indiana Jones...)


No Screenshot
Multiple Gametype Aim

This is a map for DM, TDM and SD. Look at the screenshots for a much better description, than I can give.


No Screenshot
Multiple Gametype Underground Village

Here we have the final version of the classic map Underground Village. The map supports the gametypes DM - TDM and RE, All gametypes are gr...


Multiple Gametype BerryPomeroy

This is a DM and TDM map, featuring a castle.


Multiple Gametype Arkov

This is the final version of the map Arkov, which now features artillery. The map is available for all gametypes, exept SP.