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Players German Skins

New German Skins ver. 1.1...Adds more diffrent german skins to the game mostly regular german infantry kinda unprepared for DDay...also remo...


Players Allied Skin Mod

Here we have a small mod which adds black lines under the allied playes eyes. A nice touch that looks cool ingame. Download it now and see w...


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Players German Full Winter Uniforms

Here we have a great file, which changes... the Germans winter uniforms on all snow/Russian maps. Works with both single- and mul...


Players 3rd infantry skin

A re-done 3rd infantry skin for CoD. by eric anable


Players [USMC] Skin

This is a skin made by the clan . It looks like a coalation soldier.


Players Delta Force Skins

This is a Delta Force Skin Pack with a couple of skins based on the US Delta Force. Enjoy! :D


Players Apoc's WW2 Gloves

A nice set of gloves for the player.


Players 2nd Ranger MP Skins

Here's a really cool 2nd ranger skin for multiplayer.


Players Dominators Canadian Camo

Hey there! Here is a sweet camo skin done by Domainator Looks great! Enjoy!


Players Rooster's SWAT Skins

This is a nice set of SWAT team skins.


Players Rooster's 'Gertan' Skins



Players Rooster's Wartiger Wehrmacht Skin

[per} Rooster


Players Phil's Real 101st Airborne skin

Here we have a great remake of the 101st Airborne skin. ;)


Players PK's Camo Skin

A full body makeover for the US troops using a present day US camo! But so sorry; Born To Kill helmet not included :(!


Players Meeshman's Winter Glove Skins

Here we have some realistic winter gloves from Meeshman, available in both full and fingerless forms. Check out the screenshots, and try th...


Players Russian Winter Skin

Here's a first skin by a new developer known as sege70, this one being for the CoD winter Russians.


Players Hellfire's Red Hot Chili Peppers Skin

This is an awsome skins for the British . Most of there their body is covered in a red camouflage with chili peppers on their shoulders. You...


Players Hellfires Whermacht Toony camoflage

This is a toony , woodland-camoflage skin for the germans (whermacht). This does not effect the weapons. Hope you like it.


Players Hellfire's Spotty Russians

This is a kinda dumb skins for the Russians made by yours truly . I have took the coat skins and messed them up turning them into these spot...


Players Cheesy's Matrix-Style Russians

Matrix-Style Russians. What more is there to say? Basically this is will make your Russians have dark gray-ish overcoats, hats, and helm...


Players ammokid's new snow skins

a player skin that will give black camo to the german winter guys so look at the screeshots and see what u think :D


Players SPLinT_CeLL's Zombies

Yes that's right, zombies! I've created horrible beasts from hell. Don't worry though, there not invincible. I made new xmodels and new skin...


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