Call of Duty
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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
FrameRate Toggle MPowell1944 2KB 6,865
Call Of Duty Demo Recorder Guest 1KB 12,362
Clan IO Spectate MOD Guest 53KB 2,048
Grenade Script Phranx 822B 11,050
Exit Worker G!zmo 1KB 1,014
Grenade Script G!zmo 790B 5,664
Sniper G!zmo 929B 12,157
Reload Stop Pord 801B 4,505
Remark Creator G!zmo 5KB 3,646
Demo Creator Lab G!zmo 2KB 8,640
Remark G!zmo 3KB 2,329
Quick Quit Script Guest 1000B 1,476
Volume Adjustment Script Guest 900B 2,416
Weapon Switch Script Guest 860B 6,045
Ingame HUD and Crosshairs Toggle Snicket 2KB 3,236
Ingame HUD and Crosshairs Toggle *FIXED* Snicket 2KB 4,826
Cheesy's Script Pack djheps 3KB 330
BLooDSPraY's Name Flasher JD 945B 13,374
Fps Toggle BLooDSPraY 650B 2,440
Mouse Sensitivity Script -IR-REDmosqito 1KB 2,950
All In One Script badeend aka SmO 1KB 7,475
COD Toggle DivineHammer 4KB 1,983
Capture The Flag Server-side script Bell 5.54MB 394
Shippy's Blast-Off Name Changer shippy 836B 1,169
=IoU= Clan Namescript =IoU=^Chubba 1KB 1,439
eNCoRe's VSTR Script eNCoRe 893B 1,315
Poulton0's Name Script poulton0 874B 951
Speed Lord_Sintra 966B 1,394
Public Mode Server Toggle Pazazu 2KB 237
Mr_Nickle's Multiple Binds Script Mr_Nickle 2KB 583
Mr_Nickle's Quit and Disconnect Script Mr_Nickle 1KB 134
Mr_Nickle's FPS Toggle Script Mr_Nickle 1KB 318
Mr_Nickle's Screenshot Script Mr_Nickle 1KB 218
Mr_Nickle's Chat Script Mr_Nickle 2KB 177
G4.JDogg's Easy Quit Script G4.JDogg 824B 73
Name Boom Guest 727B 2,803
Pazazu's Name Bind Pazazu 2KB 2,633
Fun Scripts -|R5|-Palad!N 642B 1,629
Name Fun 2 faby 916B 938
Mr_Nickle's Chicken Jump Script Mr_Nickle 907B 1,835
Mr_Nickle's Brightness Script Mr_Nickle 2KB 495
Mr_Nickle's Backflip Script Mr_Nickle 888B 471
Multiple Name Bind Killa 1KB 563
Mr_Nickle's Crouch Jump Script Mr_Nickle 1KB 900
Mr_Nickles Shoot then Bash Rifle Script Mr_Nickle 952B 515
Mr_Nickle's MY PANTS ARE COLD Script Mr_Nickle 856B 249
Mr_Nickle's Pistol and Grenade Toggle Script Mr_Nickle 1KB 227
Mr_Nickle's Flying Chicken Script Mr_Nickle 1KB 420
Mr_Nickle's Easy Lean Script Mr_Nickle 1KB 305
Command Pad G!zmo 3KB 9,229
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