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Skin Packs Metal finish weapons Skin Pack

This skin pack will make all weapons look more metallic


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Skin Packs Waffen SS Helmet Reskin

Changes the german helmets to Waffen SS helmets.


Skin Packs 82nd Airborne Conversion

This converts all of the allied troop's skins to that of the 82nd Airborne.


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Skin Packs Phoenix Allied Real Weapon Skins

Gives a real weapon look for the American weapons in Call Of Duty Demo


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Skin Packs Phoenix Axis Real Weapons Skins

Gives A real look for all of the Axis Weapons in the Call Of Duty Demo


Skin Packs M42 Jump Suit Skins

For those of you that have not noticed, the default U.S. Paratrooper skins are WRONG WRONG WRONG. For some reason, IW gave them blue helmet...


Skin Packs Flakriders Allied Weapons Pack

Here we have a Allied Weapons skin pack. They have been darkened and a few touches have been made on various parts of the weapons. A cool pa...


Skin Packs High Definition Weapons

Here we have a pack of weapon skins that touch up the wood to give it a bit more depth and the blue tint on the metal of the weapons has bee...


Skin Packs Fubah Russain Rifle Set

Here we have the two russain rifles that have been touched up and new sounds have been added. Download it now and enjoy :)


Skin Packs Art of War Skinpack

I highly doubt this has anything to do with Sun Tzu's The Art of War, but check out the screenshots, and figure it out yourself. :P


Skin Packs OGG Clan Scopes

Here we have a set of scopes which look great ingame. One has a red center while the other is slightly diffrent and has a green center. Down...


Skin Packs Apocs Skin Pack

Ok everyone. This is what all us CoD freaks have been waiting for. All these bad @$$ skins that Apoc has been producing for us, are finally...


Skin Packs Black Venom's Skin Pack

Here we have Black Venoms' update to his skin pack, it adds the following: His own colt skin (lmao), a BAR skin and a Thompson skin with lot...


Skin Packs Aquai's Pistol Pack

Hi, here is my own pistol skin pack, tell me watya think lads, and any lasses we have out there. Basically i felt that both the pistol skins...


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Skin Packs PK's Realistic US Weapons Skin Pack

This skin pack puts realistic skins on all the US weapons.


Skin Packs American Skin Pack

Here we have a skin pack which contains all the American weapons except the MK frag grenade. The skins look great ingame, Download them now...


Skin Packs Cabbage's Golden Shot Skin Pack

Here we have a small skin pack for CoD, which features new skins for the Kar98k (scoped/unscoped) and the MP40.


Skin Packs BudweiserBob's Head Skin Pack

Here we have a pretty big pack of skins for player heads in CoD and UO, single- and multi-player. Included is one screenshot of one of the...


Skin Packs BV Return Skinpack

Here we have a huge new skin pack from our recently returning skinner, Black Venom. Check out the screenshots below, and download it now! :...


Skin Packs Black Venom's Other Player and Gun Skins

Here we have another fairly large pack of skins from Black Venom, this time of players and guns specifically. Check out the seven screensho...


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Skin Packs Pane's 4th American Skinpack

Here we have a cool pack of American weapon skins, which includes the following: Colt M1 Carbine M1 Garand Thompson BAR Springfield...


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Skin Packs Pane's 5th American Skin Pack

Here we have another version of Pane's American Skin Pack, which includes major changes to his old skins that reflect the user comment wish...


Skin Packs Fox's Winter Bolt Actions

Here we have a pack of winter-themed rifles for the British and German (includes Lee-Enfield, Springfield, Kar98k, and Kar98k Sniper). Enjo...


Skin Packs Black Venom's Pistol Pack

Here's the third installment of Black Venom's skin pack, which includes a skin for the Colt .45 and the TT-33, the latter being available on...


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