Call of Duty

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
German Heer NCO skin Doggowitz 320KB 4,077
GermanAxisSkins by =8THID=GOA.Merkava =8THID=GOA.Steinberg 5.21MB 1,721
The Ghost's Panzer Tank Skin The Ghost 506KB 290
The Ghost's Panzer Tank Skin The Ghost 538KB 1,231
17th Airborne Skins Guest 4.77MB 151
Trollz single play skin pak for Call of Duty Guest 7.06MB 121 Guest 26KB 67 Guest 104KB 91 Guest 1KB 543 Guest 477KB 246 Guest 64KB 50 Guest 1.45MB 28 Guest 1.45MB 26 Guest 1.42MB 19
CoD: Gorgoknight's Sniper Scope Skin Guest 221KB 298
Call of Duty BNPK's Realistic Compass Guest 54KB 3,295
Call of Duty M4nd4rk's Coffee Medipack Guest 102KB 229
CoD KnifeInFace's Para-Ordnance Colt Skin Guest 144KB 17
Gr4Phix's Menu Skin Guest 1.4MB 158
CoD2 Hit Direction for CoD1 Guest 2KB 309
Gr4Ph!x Menu Skin Guest 962KB 523
Gr4Ph!x Nagant Skin Guest 535KB 268
Gr4Ph!x Kar98 Skin Guest 641KB 104
Gr4Ph!x Mp44 Skin v1.0 Guest 561KB 225
Gr4Ph!x PPSH Skin Guest 476KB 217
hitler youth Banner Guest 163KB 93
New swastika banners Guest 174KB 229
Waffen SS Banners Guest 138KB 118
Luftwafe Flag Guest 142KB 80
German Labour Front flags Guest 147KB 98
Jap Banners Guest 176KB 48
Black skin for m14/m21 Guest 464KB 97
Yugoslavian Flag Guest 846KB 37
camo_tiger Guest 710KB 44
camo_bar Guest 180KB 115
camo_tommygun Guest 245KB 86
camo_mp44 Guest 162KB 108
camo_t34 Guest 715KB 34
camo_grenades Guest 343KB 76
camo_snipers Guest 942KB 67
camo_panzer4andflak Guest 951KB 32
camo_kubelandmotorcycle Guest 371KB 48
camo_flak88 Guest 181KB 68
Waffen SS flag Guest 135KB 65
MagnumPI's Colt Retexture Guest 998KB 118
M1911 skin. Guest 188KB 28
M1911 skin. Guest 1.48MB 59
call of duty black ops ww2 skin pack Guest 16.53MB 103
Gloves Mod Oldmanfunk 646KB 1,398
MOHAA StopWatch Henrik Hellerøy 23KB 437