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Sounds SniperHawk's Favorite Sounds Mod

Here are some of the the best sounds I've heard for CoD so far. Download them and make "SniperHawk's Favorite Sounds Mod" your favo...


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Sounds RaZoR's Sound Pack

This is a sound pack with new sounds for all weapons. Check the readme for a more precise description.


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Sounds Regiear's Sound Mod

This is a sound mod that changes all weapon sounds (exept the MG42). Download and enjoy. :D


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Sounds Aquai's Sound Mod

Well another pretty neat sound mod for the one and only Call of Duty.


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Sounds Realistic SoundPack

Here we have a realistic sound pack which will add the finninsheing touches to your CoD experiance. Download it now and see what you think :...


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Sounds Saint_Anger's CoD & HoB Weapon Sound Mod

This is a weapon sound mod for Call of Duty and the Heat of Battle mod. It will change the firing sounds for all weapons. Enjoy.


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Sounds Ambience replacement

Here we have a little mod which adds a new ambience to all the maps that play amb_breciurt_ext and amb_brecourt_int. The ambience is compos...


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Sounds Close Combat II - A Bridge too Far Soundpack

A soundpack that chenges the sound of nearly all weapons in the game, it changes the main menu music and the MP victory sounds.


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Sounds Axis And Allied Weapon Sounds

Here we have a great sound mod created by Yama Lama on his first attempt. The weapons that have had there sounds changed are : - M...


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Sounds United Offensive MG42 Sound

Yes thats right! This sound has been taken out of the E3 2004 CoD: United Offensive trailer. xXezekielXx has really worked hard to get the s...


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Sounds MG42 Fire Sound Fix

Here we have a great little server side fix, it fixes the stock sound for the MG42. The part it fixes is when you jump off the MG42 right in...


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Sounds Randys MoH: Underground Radio

This mod changes the radio sounds from Call of Duty to a radio message from Medal of Honor: Underground. If you play MoH:U and you've gotte...


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Sounds Apoc's Sound Mod

Here we have a sound mod which is made up of several sound mods. Apoc has taken the best few out of a selection of good mods and put them i...


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Sounds Refiear's Fav Sounds

Here we have a collection of great sounds. Included are: BAR- same as first version. Bren- from DOD's BAR. Colt- from the...


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Sounds MoH And MoHU Sounds

Here we have a sound pack where all the sounds are from Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor: Underground. Heres a complete list of whats inclu...


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Sounds Alternate M1 Ping

Here we have a mod which allows the M1 Garand to have three diffrent clip ejection sounds, which are played randomly. Download this great mo...


Sounds Saving Private Ryan Sound Pack

Here we have a sound pack which works in both sp and mp. In this pack 145 Sounds are replaced , 18 Sounds are added, and 23 Sounds and Mus...


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Sounds Intensity Enhancement

Here we have a great sound mod which has been mad to maily make the gun battles in sp sound more realistic. Included in the zip folder are a...


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Sounds MP44 Sound Mod

Here we have a great sound mod for the MP44 which sounds loads better than the default. Download it now and have a listen yourself :rock:


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Sounds Randys CoD Band of Brothers SoundPack

Hey there soldiers! Here is the BoB sound mod version 2 developed by Randy! Enjoy! See ya on the front!


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Sounds Canadian Mercenaries - West Coast - Server Admin Sound Pack

Hey there soldiers! Here is the next version of the awesome CDN Soundpack Enjoy! See ya on the front!


Sounds Canadian Mercenaries - West Coast - Server Pack

Hey there soldiers! Here is the Server Pack version of the Canadian Mercenaries Server Sound and Graphics pack! Enjoy! See ya on the fron...


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Sounds MoH Super Mod

Hey there soldiers! Well, xXezekielXx has done it again with another superb modification for CoD. This mod changes just about every sound...


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Sounds Randy's A Bridge Too Far Sound Pack

Hey there soldiers! Here is a great sound mod for you all! Enjoy!