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Thompson Docm30's Realistic M1A1 Thompson Skin

Here we have a great Thompson skin which has loads of detail and looks great ingame. Grab it now and go chck it out yourself :)


No Screenshot
Thompson Moss's Thompson

Here we have a great looking realistic Thompson skin which has a great feeling to it in game. Download it now and see for yourself :)


No Screenshot
Thompson Apoc's Thompson

Here we have a great Thompson skin. The whole gun has been made darker and the wood has a new texture. Download it now and see what you thin...


Thompson Bloody Thompson

Here we have a blood splatted Thompson which looks great and adds that extra bit of realism to the game. Grab it now and see what you think...


No Screenshot
Thompson G!zmo's Battleworn Thompson

It makes your thompson have a tad a blood on it, including fingerprints near the trigger and around the clip esspecially, gives a great effe...


No Screenshot
Thompson Thompson Skin by Loky

A skin for the Thompson made by Loky. Look at the screenshot for a better description.


Thompson Ali's Thompson

Here we have a light green marble effect Thompson skin. Download it now and go give it a try :)


Thompson Apoc's Realistic Thompson

Here's a new skin for the Thompson for you all! Check out the screen and than download it! :rock: :)


No Screenshot
Thompson Rusty Thompson

Here we have a great war warn mouldy/rusty thompson skin which fits into the game very nicely. Download it now and leave some feedback on ho...


No Screenshot
Thompson Apoc's Battle-Worn Thompson

Yet another great skin from Apoc to the community.


Thompson Apoc's Custom Thompson

Yet another nice-looking skin by MoHFiles's file poster, Apoc. You sure like making these, don't you Apoc?


No Screenshot
Thompson Stlkid's Thompson

Here we have a great little Thompson pack which includes a skin and sound! Heres whats been changed: New skin for thompson New au...


No Screenshot
Thompson Rick0's Thompson

Here we have the first, of hopefully many, skins by Rick0. For a first skin i think it's amazing and i hope we can be expecting to see lots...


No Screenshot
Thompson Enhanced M1A1 Thompson

Another really nice skin to add to Apoc's enhanced skin collection.


Thompson Miles' Thompson Skin

nice looking thompson skin


Thompson Cabbage's Thompson Skin

Here we have another skin from our old friend Cabbage. Download it now and leave your comments below. ;)


Thompson Cartman Thompson Skin

A pretty funny thompson skin for those who dont like real ones


Thompson KnifeInFace's Real Tommy Skin

Here we have a highly realistic WW2 Model of the Thompson!! Very nice looking ingame, Just check out the screenshot it looks real nice :rock...


Thompson KnifeInFace's Real Tommy Skin

Here we have V2 of the very high detailed Thompson! The wood effect has been changed and now looks more realisitc, Download it now and check...


No Screenshot
Thompson Pane's Thompson Skin

Our longtime skinner SgtMaj.Pane has released an AWESOME new skin for the Thompson. Great work man! Download this bad boy, rate, comment,...


Thompson Black Venom's Thompson

Here we have another thompson skin, by black venom, and very nice it is too. Anyhow, download it now and leave some feedback... Peace out...


No Screenshot
Thompson Meeshman's Thompson Skin

Meeshman has released his new and very clean version of the Thompson SMG. Check out the pics below. ;)


No Screenshot
Thompson Hector's Thompson Skin

Our recently busy skinner Hector has got another for us! This time, it's his version of the Thompson. Check out the screenshots below, do...


Thompson DF's Thompson Skin

Here's DF's second skin, this time of the Thompson. It actually looks really nice with an all-around new look; it's got that old wood lo...


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