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Thompson sCRewED uP tHoMPs0n

The title of this new weapon skin is of gh0sT d0wN's choosing, I assure you. :P Really, though, this Thompson is pretty screwed up! Check...


Thompson Border's Thompson Skin

Here's Border's version of the good ol' Thompson. :P It's got new wood and new metal, so you're in for an all-around, brand new...


Thompson Hotdoggy's "I Was Bored" Thompson Skin

Well, he was bored, so you might not expect much, but hey, it's not half-bad! ;) Check out the screenshots for yourself, and give it a down...


Thompson Miguel's Dark Thompson Skin

The ever-active Miguel Nunes has got another very nice file for us today, a skin to be exact. ;) It's a new Thompson one with a dark, blac...


Thompson Rebas14's White Metal Thompson

Here's a pretty sweet new regular Call of Duty skin by a developer in the database known as Rebas14. We haven't seen skins for this game...


Thompson hellfires Thompson

This is a skin for the thompson machine gun for COD


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Thompson PlusIce's Sliver and Black Thompson

Here is new Thompson skin. Theres been many different Thompson skins out there but this is one color match up that noone has tried yet. Add...


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Thompson PlusIce Realistic Thompson

Heres a nice thompson skin. It has the black wood I made in another thompson skin. I took a liking to the white metal on the thompon skin re...


Thompson M1928 Thompson Fixed 50 Round Drum Mag

Thompson simple fixed 50 round drum mag


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Thompson Thompsom M1928 A1 for cod

thompson m1928 replaces the original M1A1 Thompson in SP game


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Thompson White Metal Thompson Skin

I didn't like default Thompson skin, so I have created a new one, with lightened metal and darker wood. I have tried to make it look like th...


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