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Tutorials How To Make A Mortar Team For Your SP Map

Here is Skierarcs Tutorial on how to make a working mortar team. This will help you on your Single Player Maps and provide some pointers too...


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Tutorials Diatonic's Finding Unpure Servers Tutorial

This is a funny new type of tutorial we haven't had before, but hey, it works! I learned something new anyway. :P Well, if you need help...


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Tutorials Matty's CoD Modding Tutorials

And after that last two-pack of skins, we've got a two-pack of tutorials here by a different author, a new one for CoDFiles known as Matty....


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Tutorials Punkbuster Tutorials

Here's a useful few tutorials from Scillman bent on solving some ever-popular Punkbuster problems. The first one concerning Punkbuster aut...


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Skinning Skinning Tutorial by Steinmann

This Tutorial Download explains how to get your skin working in CoD. It asumes you´re working with Adobe Photoshop so keep that in mind....


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Skinning Tutorial: Getting Your Skin Into CoD

Here's a nice little tutorial that should help any of you with questions on how to actually get your new skin into Call of Duty. ;) It inc...


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