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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
IRC nBrowse Server Utility N:2KooL 605KB 3,155
IRC nBrowse Server Utility N:2KooL 374KB 468
COD personal .cfg file builder Alessio Marziali 76KB 17,075
Call of Duty minimizer stephen holden 16KB 39,114
Call of Duty servers config tool Cobra Leader 15KB 18,846
Call of Duty Minimizer (MP or SP) VampiroX 70KB 21,531
Q3E Minimizer TiM 472KB 878
Animated Name Colors Guest 1KB 36,472
Auto Download {GDEC} Ghost_Hunter 4KB 2,217
Rockas Buddy List RoCkA 413KB 1,571
Auto Download {GDEC} Ghost_Hunter 41KB 5,460
CoD Player Search MAD Mike 7KB 9,003
Color Name Changer Sum Guy 176KB 31,613
PakScape TWE-Ryan 232KB 11,362
CoD Minimizer Guest 148KB 33,808
Numpad COD Voice Chat Guest 27KB 3,812
The Call of Duty - Weapon File Editor (COD WFE) xXezekielXx 850KB 1,233
CoD-Tracker Sjoerd van der Hoorn 998KB 3,606
CoD-Tracker Sjoerd van der Hoorn 1018KB 1,808
Call of Duty - Weapon File Editor v.6 xXezekielXx 862KB 11,266
Games Folder 031 Alpha 3 Eclipse 6.95MB 347
Cod United Offensive Minimizer ste218 8KB 7,779
Customizable UO Scoring System xXezekielXx 100KB 1,639
Call of Duty Size Converter Guest 593KB 863
CFG Editor Setup Snicket 27KB 14,620
CoD Scrimmer spidey 1.63MB 437
CoD Scrimmer spidey 1.56MB 696
CODUO Purity Fixer LCPL Punishment 49KB 8,814
Zeke's ReadMe Creator xXezekielXx 12KB 91
Zeke's ReadMe Creator xXezekielXx 13KB 312
eNCoRe's Conversion Tools eNCoRe 42KB 886
Colonel Cow's COD & CODUO Minimizer Colonel Cow 898KB 11,075
Q3E Minimizer TiM 440KB 9,794
Clan Members Viewer Miguel Nunes 389KB 998
Clan Members Viewer Miguel Nunes 415KB 846
CoDmodPwner Guest 105KB 1,325 Tools Zeev 1.44MB 1,330 Tools Zeev 1.61MB 243
CoD Cleaner Hooligan 30KB 927
CoD Multi-Tool Deltaforce229 229KB 655
CoD Cleaner Hooligan 34KB 1,109
Sniper Rcon Tool marc7sp2 41KB 499
Call of Duty World at War Screenshots Shower scillman 5MB 166
Codizer Guest 30KB 53
Codizer 6.2 Guest 74KB 207
{DOB} CODWeaponsFileEditor Guest 725KB 153
CFG Generator Guest 201KB 649
{DOB} CODWeaponsFileEditor Guest 723KB 302
CoD Mapping Tools for Windows 98 and ME Guest 5.83MB 6,290
COD Radiant Guest 6.2MB 31,345
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