Call of Duty

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Official Call of Duty Trailer - Small Infinity Ward 3.8MB 189
Official Call of Duty Trailer - Large Infinity Ward 7.47MB 1,148
US Movie #1: Courtyard Infinity Ward 11.4MB 493
US Movie #2: Flak Infinity Ward 8.21MB 384
US Movie #3: Pasture Infinity Ward 14.48MB 438
Russian Movie #1: Bombard Infinity Ward 11.76MB 750
Russian Movie #2: Stuka Infinity Ward 10.37MB 591
Russian Movie #3: Volga Infinity Ward 11.99MB 655
Call of Duty E3 2003 Trailer Infinity Ward 53.41MB 2,174
QuakeCon Video GameSpy 39.97MB 744
Video Interview GameSpy 73.17MB 369
Disabling Tank Video Infinity Ward 1.61MB 1,018
Medic In Action Video Infinity Ward 1.93MB 1,222
Squad Combat Video Infinity Ward 1.46MB 539
Shellshock In Action Video Infinity Ward 1.79MB 642
Leaning with IronSights Video Infinity Ward 1.42MB 688
Brit Car Chase Video 1 Infinity Ward 1.59MB 2,445
Brit Car Chase Video 2 Infinity Ward 1.45MB 1,350
Storage Area Fight Video Infinity Ward 1.55MB 634
Down in the Trenches Video Infinity Ward 1.08MB 1,776
Stalingrad Video Infinity Ward 3.62MB 2,051
Paratroopers Video Infinity Ward 2.6MB 2,494
COD MG42 Video dombi 6.29MB 1,775
Video Interview - Multiplayer Infinity Ward 50.29MB 7,574
Call Of Duty Movie dombi 7.85MB 2,104
Call Of Duty Old Movie dombi 28.05MB 914
Brother-In-Arms In-Game Video Activision 10.62MB 1,724
Call Of Duty Promo High Res Activision 60.8MB 2,389
Call Of Duty Promo Med Res Activision 28.88MB 360
Band Of Brothers Intro Video dombi 5.93MB 8,037
Call of Duty: Armory Activision 13.52MB 381
Call of Duty: Armory Activision 26.95MB 1,812
Intensity: Russian Campaign Infinity Ward 14.27MB 332
Intensity: Russian Campaign Infinity Ward 30.1MB 2,014
Adam Watts DawnVille Demo Video Guest 18.83MB 3,157
Dumbass CoD Video Rezner 7.95MB 2,884
Smack The Enemy Swlf Studios 22.68MB 979
Price of Peace Mod Trailer PoP Dev Team 9.71MB 5,817
Jdawgg2020j Multiplayer Movie Jdawgg 52.04MB 1,015
Price of Peace FULL trailer - mpg version PoP Dev Team 88.48MB 7,723
Price of Peace FULL trailer - divx version Guest 59.97MB 3,661
Caught In The Act 8.02MB 4,924
Parts TV Guest 30.23MB 269
The Crossing - Scene 7 Jon Burton + Bob Stoneman 15.17MB 346
lalala Guest 6.09MB 610
Call of Duty Comics Call of Duty Comics 7.03MB 1,308
Merciless Video Chris P 27.14MB 1,587
Call Of Duty Filmen Guest 1.73MB 829
CoD: Finest Hour Trailer HighRes Guest 50.06MB 1,185
{3PA} CoD Movie MaDdEn 9.96MB 586