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Wallpapers WOK's Wallpapers

Our friend WOK has released an awesome new wallpaper pack consisting of seven chiefly British pics for us to drool at! :) Since there are s...


Wallpapers SDMicroMachine's CoD Dawnville Wallpaper

Here we have an excellently done wallpaper from what appears to be a new guy on the 'scene'. :P Good work, SDMicroMachine! :D PS: The...


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Wallpapers WOK's Wallpapers

Here we have four sweet wallpapers from WOK. ;)


Wallpapers WOK's Wallpapers

Here we have another set of wallpapers, this time three total, from our old friend, WOK. :)


Wallpapers Blood of Heroes Wallpaper Pack

A really sweet wallpaper for you! Theres some nice blood and other nice textures included on it, I have mine as my desktop wallpaper. This...


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Wallpapers 101st Wallpaper

Here's a pretty sweet wallpaper from the 101st clan. Download this now, and leave feedback on how you find it. :rock: See you on the fro...


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Wallpapers SnakeShit's Wallpapers

Guy's got a strange name, but the wallpapers are top-notch. Check 'em out below. ;)


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Wallpapers Call of Duty Infobase Wallpaper

Here's a sweet CoD-Infobase wallpaper that stafis made from his recent CoD2 Box Art cover. Check it out belo...


Wallpapers EDE's No One Fights Alone Wallpaper

Here's a very simple but very cool wallpaper based on the CoD 'slogan' "No One Fights Alone." It's got a sweet texture to it and a ni...


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Wallpapers DTNL Clan Wallpapers

Here's a nice six-pack for ya... :beer: wallpapers, that is. :P The DTNL Clan has put together six very nice, high-res wallpapers for your...


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Wallpapers /2hino478's Call of Duty 3 Wallpaper

Here's the first Call of Duty 3 wallpaper we've got in the database, also the first wallpaper and general submission of this author, /2hino4...


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