Call of Duty

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Real Weapon Stats Commander Dan 52KB 538
M1 Carbine Ultra Mod Last12Exile 479KB 414
Crosshair Pack Zagash_MOH 551KB 21432
FireRate Toggle MPowell1944 1.65MB 3667
Rocket Colt S.C. 2KB 4306
Golden Gun PieDude 255KB 5920
FG42/MP40 Spawn CauSTiC 34KB 3890
Impact Grenades Xer0 2KB 6122
WeaponFix $p!k3 7KB 246
Realistic Grenades Xer0 3KB 6873
Scopes MPowell1944 16KB 3313
WeaponFix $p!k3 22KB 361
RealismMod (Carbine) Tun Tavern 3.67MB 1175
RealismMod (NoWeapons) Tun Tavern 3.67MB 833
RealismMod (Garand) Tun Tavern 3.67MB 1258
Mickdude's Allied Weapons Zoom MickDude 146KB 2489
Shifty Weapon MOD Shifty 11KB 933
Realistic Tommy PoolMaster 454KB 2635
Static Crosshairs TargeT 162KB 8913
MPSH reDot Crosshair MPSHmodz 95KB 15790
MPowell1944's Weapon Add-On MOD MPowell1944 332KB 5312
Serverside One-nade mod Joe 5KB 527
DIRTY_THUG's sp weapons for mp mod Guest 41KB 3685
Unionjacks serverside weapons mod {**9**}*unionjack* 45KB 573
AC weapons mod Andy C 336KB 9602
Rainbow Tracers mod Saint_Anger 689KB 3595
SP/MP "boosted" weapons for COD Andy C 90KB 3558
Hot And Fresh Nades Sgt. Bastard 5KB 1840
Realism-Grenades Guest 8KB 2465
Fubah's Grenade Explosion Sounds Fubah 882KB 123
M1 Garand Skin and Sound TrollChi 801KB 3596
Rat Realism Scope Conversion Soldier6644 463KB 624
Second Rat Realism Scope Conversion Soldier6644 588KB 126
Rat Realism Scope Conversion Final (w/ fixed axis scope) Soldier6644 1.09MB 6290
Thompson Skin and Sound TrollChi 1.32MB 2084
xXezekielXx's Nade Throw Mod xXezekielXx 61KB 228
Easy 506's Thompson Skin Guest 1.38MB 2596
Grenade Alt-Fire Mod bIsMARCK102 13KB 2517
Hydroponics Rifles Only Mod =[HydroPonic]= 38KB 1805
Autofaust [WC-anka] Bell 43KB 4698
Real Weapons xXezekielXx 66KB 1735
Weapons Cfg Guest 363B 914
131st Rifle Division Mod DeaD.MaN.WalKiN. Dark Knight 1.06MB 3230
MPSH CoD Realism Cleaner 1.81MB 1545
Real MP44 Tyrant's 4KB 2060
131st Rifle Division Mod DeaD.MaN.WalKiN. Dark Knight 1.48MB 3215
BAR Sound and Skin by Loky Loky 349KB 1139
Max's Weapons Mod Max 15KB 500
M1 Partial Reload Guest 3KB 345
Custom Grenade Explosion wikwakka 4KB 3945