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All Files In Call of Duty Weapons
Weapons AC weapons mod

This file will edit the properties of some of the weapons in Call of Duty.


Weapons Rainbow Tracers mod

Creates rainbow tracers for Call of Duty.


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Weapons SP/MP "boosted" weapons for COD

This file changes some of the weapon info for COD SP and MP.


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Weapons Hot And Fresh Nades

Here we have a grenade mod for multiplayer. Enables grenade cooking for multiplayer. The cooking time is represented by a pulsat...


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Weapons Realism-Grenades

This mod adds "cooking" to grenades in both SP and MP.


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Weapons Fubah's Grenade Explosion Sounds

Here are some cool explosion sounds for grenades from Fubah.


Weapons M1 Garand Skin and Sound

Here's a great M1 Garand skin/sound combination. Skin includes darker blue on the metal parts of the rifle, and a stamp on the reciever. Do...


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Weapons Rat Realism Scope Conversion

Here's a very cool Springfield scope conversion from the Rat Realism MoH:AA mod. Adapted for CoD by Soldier6644. A very cool must-have scop...


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Weapons Second Rat Realism Scope Conversion

Here's another cool scope conversion from MoH:AA to CoD by Solder6644. The missing vertical lines are explained in the read-me: [...


Weapons Rat Realism Scope Conversion Final (w/ fixed axis scope)

Here's the final conversion of the Rat Realism scope mod of MoH:AA to CoD by Soldier6644. It includes both the Allied scope and the fixed A...


Weapons Thompson Skin and Sound

Here's a cool Thompson skin/sound combination. The skin includes reblued metal and more defined wood grain. Additionally, the sound is sligh...


Weapons xXezekielXx's Nade Throw Mod

Hey there soldiers! Here is a sweet grenade mod for all of you! Read the readme for more info! See ya on the front!


Weapons Easy 506's Thompson Skin

Here's a cool Thompson skin that was made from an actual picture of the gun. Download it now and give it a try! :)


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Weapons Grenade Alt-Fire Mod

A quick, small file that changes the way you toss those suckers a dish of handheld-death! :D


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Weapons Hydroponics Rifles Only Mod

Here we have a great Rifles only mod which is good fun for the sharp shooters out thier. Download it now and go give it a try :)


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Weapons Autofaust

Here we have a weapons mod where the Autofaust is a breed between the PPSh and the Panzerfaust. Basicly it is a Panzerfaust with the firera...


Weapons Real Weapons

Here we have a greart real weapons server side mod. Heres a little info of what you can expect No partial reloads on bolt-action r...


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Weapons Weapons Cfg

This script allows you to easily switch to any weapon using only your mouse wheel (you do have a mouse wheel, don't you?). Scroll up to sw...


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Weapons 131st Rifle Division Mod

Here we have a great Bolt Action Rifles mod which makes only Bolt Action Rifles available to choose. All the weapons listed below have been...


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Weapons MPSH CoD Realism

Here we have a great mp weapons mod which makes cod a bit more intresting. Check out below for full details: -There are three real...


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Weapons Real MP44

Here we have a server side mod which alters the characteristics of the mp44 to be more realstic. Check out the changes below : -increase...


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Weapons 131st Rifle Division Mod

This is a mod that removes all semi- and full automatic weapons, so only bolt-action rifles are left.


Weapons BAR Sound and Skin by Loky

This is a custom skin and sound for the BAR made by Loky (who usually makes loading screens). He says that he isn't too proud of the skin bu...


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Weapons Max's Weapons Mod

Here we have a weapons mod which changes the following : 1.kar98k's firsound, muzzle flash 2. bar clip size (34), fire sound 3...