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Weapons M1 Partial Reload

This mod lets you reload the M1 Garand mid-clip. Download it now and see what you think :)


Weapons Custom Grenade Explosion

Here we have a file which changes the default grenade explosion to a much more of a fire ball. Download it now and go an give it a try


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Weapons Super Tommy

Here we have a mod which changes the Thompson to have 999-rounds of ammo and a instant reload thats so fast you can fire through the reload...


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Weapons M1 Partial Reload

Here we have the second version of the partial reload for the M1 Garand. This time it has a new mid-clip reload sound and it now takes 4 sec...


Weapons Max's Weapons Mod

Here we have the latest update of Max's weapons. Heres whats new: 1. grenades are cookable and detonate 4 seconds after the pin i...


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Weapons Weapon Balance

Here we have a mod which equals the weapons to there catagory. Heres what have been modded in there groups: - mp40 - thompson...


Weapons Mobile MG42

This mod allows players to pick up and move MG42s. It is a server-side mod and includes game type files for all the stock gametypes....


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Weapons xXezekielXx's Bug Fixes

Here we have bugfixes for the following: * PPSH shell eject. Ok, not really a bug or glitch, but it was totally unrealistic! In...


Weapons Wikwakka's Custom Nades

Here we have a mod which changes the explosionsa of the British, Russian, German and American grenades. Download them now and leave some fee...


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Weapons Blankos Weapons Mod

Here we have a cool weapons mod with the following changes: 1. bar sound is changed 2. grenades are cookable and have better ex...


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Weapons Toutes Les Armes

Here we have a weapons mod which enables you to select any weapon from any army because they will all be available! This is a great mod and...


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Weapons woCooM's No Ammo Mod

A tiny mod which removes the ammo for all weapons, except the Panzerfaust (hand grenades remain untouched as well). The mod is des...


Weapons M2 Carbine Mod

Hey there soldiers! Here is a neat M2 Carbine mod! Download it now! See ya on the front!


Weapons Nade Throw Mod

Hey there, soldiers! Here is xXezkielXx's newest version of his nade throw mod, which features single-player capabilities! Enjoy! See ya...


Weapons Cider Colt

Hey there soldiers! Here is a nice colt mod for you all! Hope that you enjoy, see ya on the front!


Weapons Nade Explosion Mod

Hey there soldiers! Here is an awesome Nade Explosion Mod for you all! Hope you enjoy, see ya on the front!


Weapons PTRS Mod

Here we have a mod which changes the outload and sound of the MG42 into that of the antitank guns in the Pavlov map. There is bothan SP vers...


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Weapons Semi Auto Weapons Mod

Here we have a mod which makes the following guns fire rate seim-auto: Semi-auto Bren, Sten and MP40 are only for MP. UZI & Scorpion...


Weapons Rifle Mod

Here we have four rifle mods for all the Rifle Fans! Heres the changes: No bolt reloads necesairie for all rifles (exept snipe...


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Weapons HoB Weapon Mod

Here's a weapon mod for Heat of Battle. And here's the developers description of his mod: This is a scaled down "Heat of Battle...


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Weapons FG42 Gun Mod

Here's another Great Gun mod for you guys from DIRTY_THUG


Weapons Winter's m1 mod

Well from an unknown person please enjoy there first modification (Winter's m1 mod)


Weapons Luger Mod

Here we have a new luger sound for anyone that is getting bored of the old one. Peace out


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Weapons Realistic Weapon Names

This is a mod, which changes all weapon names into the real ones. Enjoy!