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Weapons Pool's Sniper Scope Mod

A nice sniper MOD giving you a larger viewing area about equal to the of a standard MOH sniper scope.


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Weapons Call of Duty Colt 45 Skin

This is a nice Colt 45 skin for Single Player. :D


Weapons Easy 506's Thompson

Here we have a skin made by Easy 506. It is a skin of the thompson which he has made look more realistic and has done a great job. A worthy...


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Weapons M1 Carbine Custom Skin

Here we have Ke4's first attempt at skinning and what a job he has done. He has given the M1 an oak wood effect which looks great ingame. Do...


Weapons Flakriders Thompson Elite

Wow! Here we have a totally new thompson skin that looks sweet ingame! you must download this and see for yourself! :rock:


Weapons Flakriders Colt Elite

Yet again flakriders has done a great piece of work. This time its on the colt where he has totally remade it to a sweet looking skin. downl...


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Weapons Pablos Thompson

Here we have a great thompson skin by pablo. It looks great ingame, Download it now and see what you think.


Weapons Fubah Bren Gun

Here we have a great bren gun skin for the british which looks great ingame and also a sound for the rifle which also sounds good ingame. Do...


Weapons Fubah Russian PPSH

Here we have a great skin for the Russian smg, it looks good ingame download it and see what you think :)


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Weapons Fubah Springfield Rifle

Here we have another great skin by fubah. This time its a springfield skin and it looks great ingame, why not download it and see for yourse...


Weapons Fubah British Nade

Here we have a british nade skin made by Fubah it also has a new throw and pin release sound. A great skin that plays its part ingame, downl...


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Weapons New M1A1 Skin

This is a new camoflauge for the thompson. Mod by Bobby_Sox.


Weapons Fubah German MP44 Luger Pack

Here we have the german MP44 and Luger guns which have been re-skined and re-sounded. Both play great ingame download them now and leave you...


Weapons Fubah German MP40

Here we have another great piece from Fubah, this time its a MP40 and yet again it is a great skin with a awsome sound to go with it. Why no...


Weapons Fubah German Nade

Here we have a great german nade which has a german theme to it. The nade has a swastika added on the side, a very nice touch to the game do...


Weapons Fubah FG42

Here we have a skin for the FG42 by Fubah. Ths skin has more shine and has a few touch ups to make it look more realistic, the file also com...


Weapons Fubah MG42

Here we have a beasty skin for a beasty gun and the sounds have been tweaked to make it louder for a more realistic feal. Download now and s...


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Weapons Fubah's Allied Grenade Skin

Here's a cool skin for the Allied grenade. Enjoy!


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Weapons Neo Neo M1 Carbine

Here we have a ski that changes the look of the default M1 Carbine and it looks much better ingame. Download it now and see for yourself :)


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Weapons Pablos Thompson 2

Here we have version 2 of pablos thompson. This time more detail has been added and a few errors have been corrected. A great skin that look...


Weapons Fubah German Kar Riflr

Here we have another great skin by fubah and agiain it comes with custom sounds. Download it now and see what you think not forgetting to le...


Weapons Fubah British Sten

Here we have a great reskin of the sten for the brittish. The file also comes with a new sounds that sounds great ingame download it now and...


Weapons Fubah German MP40

Here we have the second version of Fubah's MP40. A great skin which has had a few touch ups and made to look more black, it also has a new...


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Weapons Fubah M1 Carbine Pack

Here we have a skin which has been made by Phoenix and the new sound has been made by Fubah. Both are fantastic pieces of work and work well...


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